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 why is it so hard for me to sleep?
lately, it's been really hard for me to get to sleep. i wake up for school between 6am - 630am & i usually have enough energy for the day. when it comes time to go to bed, i seriously just DO...

 Does the climate or weather affect your high blood pressure?

 how do you sleep when you can't sleep?

 my friends upper back looks like a hunchback how can it make it go away ?
how can it make it straight >?...

 HELP! I Think I just went deaf in my left ear!?
I was working today, and slowly but surely, my left ear was getting that feeling like if you were in a plane going at a high altitude and you had to "pop" them. However, I can't pop it....

 How Long does it take to be fully recoverded after a Ingunial Hernia repair?
I've just had mine repaired a week now and I seem so helpless its freaking me out... I cant sneeze neither cough as when i do there's a pulling and a burning feeling at the area,I know the ...

 how long do you have to stare at the sun, without blinking, to go blind?
i just wanted to know how long it takes to stare at the sun, without blinking, to go totally blind. explain your thinking, because im not sure if there is a real answer to this. ...

 Nails getting harder!!?
I have a question I need some help on. Okay I am 19 years old. And I was wondering what makes your nails hard. I know it’s a dumb question but my nails have always been real soft and flimsy until ...

 How can I keep from falling asleep at work every day mid morning?

 past life regression or..?
i got a voucher for my birthday and am torn between past life regression and kinesology ( what food bother you and what minerals you should be taking)

If it was you what would you do?...

 i need your heps asp!!!!!?
I am a femal of 35 and I spend long hours standing on my feet , and I suffer from spider veines, that are spreading really badly all over my legs, it hurts evens when i sleep, I heard that lazer ...

 My son has caught lice and i think gave them to me!!!?
My son has been getting lice on and off for the last month from school!! and now I think I have it I've been treating his hair almost every week but it gets expensive!!! My sister told me a ...

 I got a problem with flatulence. How to cure this?
The other days I found I get flatulence if I eat to much, I already fix this with amilase, protease, etc.

But now I have sensitivity with Cold Air Conditioner in my room. I think I'm ...

 Why do some Doctors yell at their Patients for ignoring their advice?
I have seen this happen before.
Additional Details
To Mdgcats:You obviously have not been a nurse in my area where it happens quite frequently....

 where can i buy indium?

 Sleep Problems?
By sleep problems I mean I'm not sleeping at all! I have always been a night person but it's getting to be ridiculous. I just don't seem to get tired anymore. I have been going to bed ...

 What is physically happening when we crack our knuckles or our back?
and why are we able to do it so frequently?
Additional Details
Star me if you like the question!...

 face numbing?
around my nose and left cheek area goes numb every once in a while. is this a mild stroke? i'm 28.
Additional Details
no i haven't hurt my face but i did notice that i have ...

 How do you strengthen fingernails?

 I feel like my blood pressure is kinda low, what do i do?!?
I've been working out alot and i'm eating about 1100 calories a day, could that be why i feel my blood pressure kinda low? My mom said to drink some Coca-Cola or something. Does that really ...

Why does 'Fybogel' take so long to work?

Just the way things are.

Expect results to start in 2-3 days if you also take enough fluid in your diet. If it takes longer, it might be because you are already too bunged-up and you might need something to act from the other end.

because it has a long way to go and has to mix with the food you are eating now it doesnt dissolve whats already inside it has to be pushed out

HaSiCiT Bust A Tie A1 TieBusters
it works very fast if you put the cup/glass down for a minute.
you need a knife and fork to get it out.
mix very quickly in cold water and drink straight down.it seems some people "eat it when set".if you drink it while liquid as it "sets" it really helps the problem
i found it takes a day or two to "work" it seems to help if you eat a raw vegetable diet for a day or two also.
get well soon ~have a nice day

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