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 Why some nights can i not sleep?
I will wake up at 4am & not be able to sleep again, then it will happen again the next night and then go a way for a month or so & i will sleep fine again.

Additional D...

 I am married n often pee in bed at night though i go pee before going to bed n dnt drink. how to stop?
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 is it unhealthy ! to pass gas's ?? and why !!?
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 My family have flu, would it be offensive to wear a gas mask?
Lol, seriously my whole family have come down with flu, how can I avoid this??
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Wow you wear sugical masks? really? lol classic...i might just do that..might need a ...

 Need fast way to get rid of foot odor?
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 Smoking while on the nicotine patches?
Someone I know hasn't been well with a bowel problem they are putting the nicotine patches on and then taking it of to have a cigarette, I think it's dangerous as I knew someone else who ...

 silver fish. how do u get rid of them and are they diseased?

 Am I having dizzy spells or blackouts. I'm worried?
For the past few days I've been getting weird mini blackouts or dizzy spells, I don't know what you call them, but I don't know how to prevent it. I'd be crouching down somewhere ...

 Quick question:answer pls?
I just drunk some out dated milk the date on it is may 21 but its only the 20th will i get sick?...

 Why do guys make a shower dirtier than girls do? They do!?

 In hospitals, what are the clothes pin clips on people's fingers?
what does that mean? like when they're in a coma or also getting transfusion?

i've always wondered what it's for.....

 Does smoking make you gain weight?
Im 14 and i smoke, please dont lecture me i know its bad. I used to weigh 150 and after a year of smoking ive gotten really pudgy i dont no if its from smoking or what. and in the past month ive ...

 I'll never fall asleep...?
I know I asked this question before, but none of the answers are helping. I swim laps after dinner every day, I use lavender scented shampoo, (the scent of lavender is supposed to help people fall ...

 does this happen to anyone else?
it seems like when i get cold like shivering i have to use the restroom a lot. last year i went camping and i got cold while laying in the tent. i couldnt go to sleep right away. i think i got up to ...

 Is smoking weed daily really that bad for your health?
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 Please help really urgent..!!!!?
Is there any medication you can get that will break down, or turn into diareah (spelling?) or disolve a stool?

A stool that is already ready to come out but it's really dry and hard ...

 what is the quickest way to get to sleep?
hi lately ive been staying up to early i mean like 3:00 or 2:00...

 I cried in class!!!!!!?
okay well im really sesitive im a extremely shy person and im a cry baby.....but im 16 and in one of my classes i didnt understand the assignment and i kept asking for help but my teacher yelled at ...

 how do i stop being drunk?
i think i'm still drunk from last night and i have to study today!...

 When taking a baby's temperature under her arm, aren't you supposed to add a few degrees to it? How many?
How many degree's do you add (in Farenhieght)?...

Why do we jump when we're scared?
When someone scares you suddenly you tend to jump, why is that?

The precursor
your mind tells your muscles to move away in any direction but then your mind relises that it is nothing to freak out about so it sends a message to stop your muscles but it is all sent at different times. you mind says to stop your muscles half way through the movement. you don't actually jump you run to the side then suddnley stop so rather kicking off with your foot to the right you just.... kick off................................. up.

it's a leftover escape mechanism.
something scares you it's instinct to run

tavi m
adrenalin i think

Just look at an animal in the wild who has been startled. They dash off, as quickly as possible! It's a very old reflex, intended to keep us alive in times of danger! It's just that now we don't usually run, just jump.

cause we're scared! what would you rather do, take a nap?

Darth Plagueis
it's the same reason you close your eyes when something is about to hit you...reflexes. your body's natural instinct is to take flight to move away from danger...that is until you develop courage! lol.

maybe its because the bodies nerve response is to cause an action resulting in you getting away from the perceived threat...so our automatic response is to get away, but then we realise its not so big a threat and we stay where we are....so it just ends up being a jump

nick j
I think it's because it sets off a natural reaction to get away from the person or thing that scared you. so you actually jump back away from it so you get some distance and time to react to the situation.

It's called the 'startle reflex' but I'm not sure just why it happens either.

It's called the "flight or fight" response. Your brain triggers your nerves to make your body take action.

it's your fight or flight response to stimuli. You either stay to fight it, or you run - it's an instinctual reaction within each of us to cope with stressors.

I know this is probably not the exact answer you're looking for but it's a nerve reaction.

Getting a little further into the subject, it involves the release of neurotransmitters (norepinephrine also know has adrenaline) which arouses the brain. It's a part of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and as someone has already mentioned "fight or flight response" to threats. There's much more to it and better explanation then I can give at the moment:

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