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Will it make me dopey? I don't know what to do. it's a 25mg does, my first one ever :(...

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What causes muscle contract and how do I get rid of it?

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 Considering the number of medical people involved in the recent bombings, would you???
Allow yourself to be treated by a muslim doctor???...

 why has my eye been twitching for like 7 days now?

 Does milk affect acid reflux?
8 times out of 10, when i drink milk it makes my stomache cramps up really bad. I have been tested for being lactose intolerant, but as far as I know, I'm not. I do have acid reflux though, does ...

Michelle T
Why do some people feel cold, but not others?
I would like to know why I feel cold a lot of the time, even when other people that I am with are not? Why do you think this is?

Emily H
omg okay those are buull **** answers if you wnat to really know ill to you. okay im a doctor. if you have a higer prectiage of body fat you wont freeze..or so called colder..... well you wont be as cold as a lower % perosn

Dunno, but it isn't fair. I am always cold. Its not just that I feel cold, I am actually physically cold to touch. I have low blood pressure and have heard that this can cause a person to feel cold.
Oh yeah, Im not overweight, but then im not skinny either.

You could be anemic. Don't know what that has to do with body temperature but someone commented to me once that I might be because I'm always cold. I didn't find out I was until I got pregnant. They test your blood for everything.

Don't know, but I always feel it, drives my partner wappy as I'm sat in jumpers with heating on and hes sweating.

gilly g
There are different factors which could affect this. Tolerance to warmth, body fat, amount of clothing are the main ones i think.

Camilla the First
Personally, its like everything else unless you are undernourished - some prefer to be nice and warm, I like it just on the going to be coldish side. Then I turn the heater up and don't feel guilty but then again I am neurotic. People who hug heaters don't get out to excercise and thats a fact. If you go on a freaky diet, you will feel the cold. Be nice to yourself and have a good feed, bound to warm you up. Get a big fat juicy man to keep you warm.

I feel the cold very easily and even on a relatively warm day simply because i am thin and do not have enough body fat to keep me warm.

There are a few reasons. It can be to do with your central nervous system, and how sensitive it is to the cold. People can also be used to the cold, the same way people get used to living in hot countries. Bodyfat, skin thickness and blood thickness are also factors.

Well I have this thing called Raynard's Phenomenon, which basically means that any slight changes in temperature, (it can be boiling and then drop a few degrees), and i will really feel it. My fingers will totally go a pale creme colour and go totally numb but somehow really painful too!
If your nose or fingers or jaw experience the same thing, it's likely you have it too. I suggest you look it up on wickiepedia or something like that and if so, i suggest you go to your doctor.
Hope this helps,

You probably do not have enough body fat to keep you warm, and maybe you have a blood circulation problem, people who's hands and feet are always cold generally suffer with a blood circulation problem, learned this when I was a student nurse.

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