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 I am an 18 yrd male and I go to sleep at 4-5 in the morning and sleep until about 3-4 in the afternoon?
my parents get mad about it but i cant help it i just dont get tired until the sun is about to come up and then sleep until late in the afternoon is this bad and health risks or anything like that ...

 Please help, doctors are being slow to answer!?
Starting last night I've had quite a lot of bright red blood in my bowel movement. It lessened this morning, but then when back to quite a lot agian. I've tried making contact with 5 ...

 I don't know what this could be?
For a couple of weeks, I would wake up with my fist into the bed and my arm bent. My arm would be asleep. Now my arm is killing me, especially at my elbow and shoulder. I can't keep it bent for ...

 Why wont my hand stop twitching! HelP?
Please only serious answers. Does anyone else get a twitching or a pulsing feeling in the palm of their hand sometimes from time to time? I dont really get it in my right hand, but my left hand is ...

 How to make your self puke without coughing hard and nothing coming out?
i do not have a desease or am trying to no how to make myself puke.sometimes i feel ill and need to get it out but i just cough really hard or choke.i dont care about my weight i just need help to ...

 What is the difference between culturelle probiotics and acidophilus?
Will just any probiotics work for bacteral vaginosis? Or do I need a specific acidophilus?...

 What does it mean to quone something?
What does it mean to 'quone' something? Is it a verb?...

 What can I do to help my low blood pressure?
I have quite low blood pressure. It isn't out of the range of normal but I do feel dizzy when I do yoga, when I get anxious and when I exercise alot. What can I do to help with the low blood ...

 Why does my knee make a cracking sound?
My left knee makes the cracking sound every time i bend it. My right knee is perfectly fine it doesnt make any sound.
Why does it do that?
Is it a problem?
Is there a way to fix it?...

 doctors or physical therapists please help! i have a bad knee that isnt gettin better!?
i run track (sprints, not distance) in college and am on scholarship so i need to be able to run! I hurt my knee 2 months ago, i didn't have any impact or anything, just running everyday. I woke ...

 Coca-Cola Syrup?
My mother used to give me medicine that she caled coca-cola syrup. It was thick, it tasted like pure coca-cola, and made my tummy aches go away. I was wondering if that was the real name and if it ...

 How do I get this guy i care about to stop smoking pot?
What can i say to him? What can I do to help him?...

 What is wrong with my ear cartillage piercing?
I had my cartillage pierced on 21st March this year and it still hurts when you push it! I've been cleaning with salt water (with a cotton ball or just submerging ear) 3 times a day and turning ...

 have u heard/used the varicose vein treatment called vnus - the closure?
i was told there is only 7 or 9 places in the country that does this procedure. my hubby is 34 yrs old and the doc said he has legs of a 60 yr old. they want to do 8 surgerys whereas most ppl have ...

 When I wake up in the morning, how can I be energetic and ready for the day?
Even when I'm done getting ready for the day, and take a shower, I still feel tired.

Any suggestions?...

 Does anyone know where I can get the green finger tape/wrap used by Order-Fillers at Walmart Warehouses?
I loved this stuff when I worked at Walmart, but I can't find any info about where else I can get it. I'm not really sure what to call it, but any info would be appreciated. I work ...

 So... what am I supposed to do?
Let's say I'm an enlisted man in the delayed enlistment program. In case you didn't know, the delayed enlistment program is for people who are enlisted but have not yet been shipped to ...

 right shoulder pain while breathing in?
2 days ago i was sitting up not moving or anything when i felt this weird feeling in my right arm. it was like a tingle. it went from my shoulder all the way down to my thumb and my thumb went numb. ...

 Why do I have really cold hands?
So in NZ right now its winter so of course im gunna be getting colder than usual.. but i seem to have abnormally cold hands.. like.. totally colder than the rest of my body.. lol

please ...

 Before you fall asleep, what do you think about? Do you like to daydream during the minutes before sleep?
I sometimes find myself looking forward to just lying down and daydreaming before falling asleep. I don't do it anytime during the day, but I like to before I fall asleep. But that might just be ...

Why do I smell like frozen chocolate?
Hi guys, I can't help but notice that I smell like frozen chocolate. Now, that doesn't seem so bad, right? WRONG! I want to smell like frozen strawberries instead. Is that possible? And how?

cus u ate it

Have you been eating a lot of chocolate, Maxwell?? If so, start eating lots of strawberries! They're in season right now!

If you have not been eating chocolate, ask someone close to you if THEY think you smell like frozen chocolate. I bet not~! lol

Funny question def gets a star! ;)

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