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Emily J
Why do I get sick when I eat meat?
Here's the deal, I'm about 16 years old, I wouldn't say I'm a vegetarian, but I don't reallye at meat, I haven't eaten meat in about 3 or so months, I went to old chicago, and I ate some lasagna, I only about a few bites of it, before feeling sick. I think it was because of the meat.

Why is this?

if you aren't used to eating something it will make you sick.

actually u sound like u throw up alot or dont eat at all.. and to feel a feeling in your stomach that fast, it must have been becAUSE U didnt eat all day and the wieght of the food gave u a slight pain for a minute

John N
maybe because you have to look for the expiration date?

Ryan F
your probably not used to meat yet. its just like my sister, she didnt have pop for awhile and then she had some and started to feel funny... so i think your just not used to it yet


maybe you are a vegetarian. DUH

Bob Bobble
it must be undercooked

try well done, its delicious

maybe your body can't handle meat and maybe your a vegetarian

You made your body not want it anymore. When your going to eat it, don't eat something as harsh as red meat

probably from not eating meat very often as your stomach isn't used to a "foreign " substance, as you said even a few bites will make you sick.

Cats R KeWllL
For one thing, vegetarians actually can eat meat believe it or not, they just choose not to. So, being a "veg head", as many teens seem to dub the diet, would not cause such a reaction. The meat could have been raw or expired or just plain bad. maybe because you aren't used to the meat, you get sick. I reccomend continuing to eat meat so you can work your body back up to eating it normally.

u might not have the right enzymes to break meat down. much like a lactose tolerant person doesn't have the right enzymes to break down milk products. Either way it is not a big deal, you can still get your protein from other places such as fish. Just stay away from the cheeseburgers and meat lasagna and you should be fine!

you're body probably isn't used to it. also, the meat might have been bad.

It's because meat is hard to digest and since you don't really eat it, its too harsh on your stomach since you're not used to it.

Maybe you ate too many fatty foods when you were younger and you are starting to have gall blader problems.

Try something plain and unseasoned> Tube steak

Den B
Your body is telling you to stay away from meat. Eat chicken and fish though and also lot's of fruit and veggies. Dairy products are great for you and all cereals including rice. But red meat is a no no...

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