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 getting ready 2 quit smoking !?
im getting ready 2 quit and i need tips from other people on how they prepared for the quit !...

 i Cant sleep by myself!?
i always have to sleep with mum i am 12 and i cant sleep in my own bed can u help me no mean answers or rude!...

 my sister has rh negative blood , is that rare?

 I am considering gastric bypass surgery.I'd like to hear from someone who's had it; pros & cons?
I'm aware of the many positive results. Just wondering if anyone has had it & regrets it or knows of any health problems after receiving it....

 what is this??????????
I've been seeing like light from the corners of my eyes..as if someone just flipped on and off the lights...it's not all the time but was wondering what that could be? does anyone else have ...

 I have a mosquito bite the size of my fist! Another is a little bigger than a silver dollar. I was in the ?
front yard and got bit about earlier today and they are red round welps. Is it normal for some to be that big?...

 Why do we wake up in the morning?

 What do you do to cheer up?

 How do you get a stuffy nose to go away..?
Ive had this stufed up nose for every I try blowing it but it dosent work.. :S what can I do?...

 medication and doctors. please help?
Ok so i have been depressed for the past few years but in the past few months it has gotten really bad. I started getting bad anxiety also and im starting to sleep 11-13 hours a day. With the ...

 We sneeze to get rid of bacteria in our bodies... so are people who hold them in more likely to catch colds?
Just something I've wondered about recently... any answers are appreciated =) You know, answers that don't say "Sorry, I don't know"....

 What are some tips for getting to sleep??

 Do you sleep on your back?
I find it impossible to sleep on my back! Do you?...

 How do you know if a website is fake or frauds?
Ok, i got a website that helps people move to US to work as nurses, but to my knowledge it seems kinda poor-made for being an international website. i just would like to know if there are any ways to ...

 18week sonogram, dr. says cant see fingers on one hand could he be wrong? im scared, please help?

 Not to sound gross, but I feel extremely nauseous and my feces are liquid? Why?
I feel like shiz, but earlier I felt fine. I keep getting up to go and it's getting more and more liquidy.

Food I ate today:
-bread and butter
-chocolate milk

 Is Walking On Your Back Bad For You?
Is It bad for someone to walk on your back to crack ...

 Is it weird to have muscle spasms often?
I have muscle spasms pretty often, usually in my legs, but also in my butt muscles, chest area, and some times the area around my eye. This happens at least 3 times a week. Is this normal? It's ...

 Help, I'm a fussy eater and don't want to be!?
I'm a really fussy eater and have been since I was a toddler. I hate anything green (except apples and grapes, which I don't eat that often) and apart from carrots, don't eat any other ...

 What are some tips and tricks to make yourself fall asleep and stay asleep easier?

Goal: -6 by 0209
Why do I always have more energy at night?
Its such a hassle especially when I gotta study and I have a few hours to actually absorb info as opposed to about 10 hoiurs when I couldnt be bothered and was too tired to care... Its real bad, I need to be energized during those 10 hours, not after when I should be getting ready for bed.

i'm the same way. I feel like a zombie during the day but at night i feel completely awake and can concentrate more on things.
I dont know why.

well you get energy from the food you eat.. but it gets released by activities.. if you do something physically active it is gonna break the food down faster and give you energy.. if you do this at night then that is probably where you are gettting it.. watch what you eat towards bed time.. have a lot of water before bed and try to relax.. try to set a mood of relaxation.. and try reading a book to fall asleep..

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