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 What does DL in methionine-DL stand for?

hellol im janelly and i need serious help because i dont know what i have i dont know if it is the common cold or flu or swine (proably not) or even the wild flu

Syptoms i have:
Very ...

 sleep: 10 hours out of the past 152?
it is 11pm on thursday where i am, and the last time i slept was from 4:30 to 6:30pm yesterday. before that, i had been getting between 2 and 2.5 hours of sleep a night for almost a week. i haven'...

 Is tanning in a tanning bed once a week bad for a 13 yr old?
I'm a 13 yr guy and i thought i would start laying in my step moms tanning bed once a week. is just one time a week for about 10 minutes bad?...

 everytime i sleep i have nightmares?
everynight i try and stay up as late as i can hoping i wont have these dreams and hoping i will actually sleep. it's been like two weeks of this i have dreams im running, people are chasing me ...

 what could it be ? thanks ?
Hi there i suffer from a condition called rhabdomyolyosis. This is when muscles breaks down due to stress placed on it. ie walking. i had a muscle biopsy which was normal. However i still get pains ...

 How quickly does it take to replenish your vitamin and mineral levels?
If you are deficent in them, that is.
Can you do it quicker by supplements or food, and what is the best way of determining, if you are lacking in something....

 Question about the food pyramid?
I know that in order to have a healthy diet for the body, the food pyramid listed food that are important or healthy for the human body. I've been eating healthy most of my life, because I love ...

 Does the electronic cigarette really help you quit smoking?
My friend has been smoking for 8 years, and quitting is so hard for her. Does this electronic cigarette really work? What does it taste like? Is it worth the money?...

 Plastic/Cosmetic surgeons - What surgery will make this guy look good (pic in link)?
Link to British newspaper sites - see his pic.



Does anyone know an effective way to quit smoking- did anyone try something that worked well for them like the patch?? Any suggestions would help - I want to quit so bad!...

 How to get rid of cracking/popping noise in knee?

Based on the above article, I have had popping/cracking once in a while for about 2 near 3 years now in my right knee. There is ...

 Why mus ti undress for a MRI?
I am geting a MRI on my back and at shepards in Atlanta I never undress but Carrollton is lot closer to where Ilive andat that place they make undress down to your socks and panties....

 I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS WALK ON MY TIPPY TOES! is this bad? was i meant to be a ballerina?

I have a habit of walking on my toes and i cant stop.
My Daddy says its bad for me! : and i try so hard not to but its really difficult.
When ever my friends or family sees ...

 why is it that you get a headache when u are really tired?
i havent been getting al lot of rest and i see its giving me a headache why is ...

 What are the causes of muscle twitching/spasms?

 regular coffee makes me dizzy, decaf coffee make me feel sort of weird, what could be the problem?
i do have vertigo, and i am not quite sure if regular coffee triggers it, but the last time i got really dizzy i had just got though drinking coffee, and i had been drinking it a lot for the past few ...

 Runny ears and spicy food?
I often get runny ears when I eat spicy (or even just warm or rich) food. It is clear and liquidy, not dirty. It is also almost instantaneous. I know some people will get runny eyes or a runny nose ...

 I drink a lotttt of diet soda. Am I going to die?
What are the risks?
Additional Details
I knew I'd get some smart *** answers like "yeah everyone dies duuuh".

I realize this already, thanks.

Is ...

 how can i fall asleep faster?
i always lie in bed anywhere between 40mins to 2 hours before i fall asleep..
how can i fall asleep quicker?!

(ps. simply waking up early isnt a sollution cause i wake up at 6:15am)<...

andy n
Why did my right eyelid (top) suddenly droop further than my left one?
This JUST happened, I cant tell why? My eyes look really weird now that the eye lids are uneven, any idea what it is?

Or am I just tired?
Additional Details
I went to the doctor, he said it was nothing serious because I had NO other symptoms besides the drooping eyelid.

The droop is gone now, and I want to schedule an MRI to be safe

they are right,,,go, NOW, if you havent already. it could be any number of things, aneurysm, stroke, bells palsy, if you catch it now it might not get as bad.

Benjamin W
That's a sign of a serious brain problem. I'd call 911. It could be the first symptom of an anurism, or a blood clot, or a stroke.

Seriously, go to the ER. This is an emergency symptom.

cal 911 NOW

♥HEARTS 808&#39;s KIDDO♥
One of the first signs of a stroke. Go to the ER NOW!

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