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Brandon H
Why can I smell something other's can't?
Over the past 3 days about once a day I have smelt something, it kind of smells like a fart or poop, and when I say something the other people with me say they can't smell it.

Any ideas if there is some medical condition that could cause this or maybe just something in my nose? It doesn't last long and it is not constant.

Any help is appreciated!
Additional Details
almost every answer discusses a stronger sense of smell then most people. But this problem started 3 days ago. If I had a heightened sense of smell I would probably have noticed prior to 3 days ago. I'm 20.

maybe you just got a good sniffer =]

it mite be gass. It has happened to me as well. I could smell something but no one ells could and it turned out being a gass leak!!!

I don't think there is anything medically wrong with you.
I am the same way.
and I think I just have better scent than the other person.
and it is probably the same with you.
I wouldn't worry.

Some people actually can smell and taste things other folks can't, and of course the sense of smell varies from one person to the next. My wife, in her job, handles donated clothes all the time. She can smell cigarette smoke and dog hair through the plastic bags of said donations, without even opening the bag. It's a very powerful sense in some folks; you must be one of the lucky ones.

Or not, depending on how you look at it. Lord knows there's a lot of things out there I wish I couldn't smell.

You have a good nose that's it. I get it all the time even though sometimes I can't breathe through it due to sinuses. Hehehe. Even if I'm choking over some bad smell people are never experiencing the same thing. It's with my sister too. We both have really sharp senses of smell. Nothing to worry about!

Check the bottom of your shoes.

it is proven that people smell differently than others, some ppl might smell somones B.O. and not smell anything at all, but someone else might smell the same B.O. and gag. it's due to the body releasing different amounts of chemicals in ppl. so that's why your friends cant smell the poop

but even so there is a source that the smell is coming from. maybe the smell is coming from the neighbors, or the hobo in the alley, or one of your plumbing pipes is leaking a bit. idk find it and get rid of it.

Maybe you have a stronger sense of smell or maybe it is one of your friends that smells but won't admit it.
Do you happen to be at the same spot everytime when you smell it?
Try washing your nose.

Some people have a better developed sense of smell. I have also found that I have a "smell" memory. A smell will trigger a memory. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. You should just pay more attention to this marvelous sense and try to develope it.

Sarge H
You have magic nose senses! Dude you should wear a cape and call yourself nose man!

Obviously someone is passing gas and being very gross about it by not excusing themselves to the rest room. And certainly they are not going to admit to being the one lacking manners and self respect.

Jonas <3
you must be a cat
they have 9 x better smell than us!

Probably body odor. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

you either have a head cold, or your smelling yourself and people are being very VERY kind to you.

Your friend farted and won't admit it :D

Mister J
Maybe they're the smell of boogers in your nose. Clean them in the shower and practice good nasal hygiene.

Since boogers are dirt and debris collected by your nostrils mixed around with your snot (mucous). So they tend to have unpleasant odors, based on their nature.

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