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 how many vertebraes are in the back including the neck!!!!!!?

 I may have gotten a hernia at work but have no proof, can i get them to pay for it? (I have no insurance)?

 Is "rumbling" in the ears common when yawning?
Since I was 3(I'm 23 now, so this irked me for 2 decades now), I noticed that when I yawned greatly, I couldn't hear what anyone was saying around me. It's as if a rush of blood goes ...

 How to quit smoking?

Additional Details
I quit smoking today and wanted to share with all smoking fraternity how i did it.
About me and smoking:-
started ten years back. smoking a pack(20) a day. ...

 How long does it take to cure lice?

 about RGP contact lenses?
I've been thinking on switching to hard contacts, because soft contacts are kind of expensive and my mother can't get out the idea that contacts are meant to be used for a year. I have ...

 is coffee good for you?
i know tea is good for you, but is coffee?...

 Why can't I fall asleep at nigh and hardly get up in the morning?
I feel so tired all day and then as soon as turn off light I am wide ...

 is chocolate pudding ok to eat after anesthisia?

 Whats good for inner ear fluid ? what causes ear fluid ?
i know a doctor but the pills he gave me make me more dizzy and they lower my blood pressure im going back on monday besides a doctor what else is good to get rid of it it make me dizzy and pain ...

 Would you work for your health care?
It's estimated that over a hundred million dollars is lost to disabled or handicapped individuals who could otherwise add productivity to the economy, but are barred from employment due to their ...

 Gastric problem?
Hi, i have gastric problem for last 2 yr...tried a lot of madicines...also doin yoga n go to gym 2-3 days in week..still i get fullness is my stomach after launch or dinner....can anybody tell me ...

 Side effect to Amoxicillin or Yasmin?
On Moday I was prescribed Amoxicillin for strep. Last Friday, the I started taking Yasmin birth Control. So, Tuesday night I could not sleep at all, I felt restless even though I had not taken naps ...

 Having crazy symptoms and need advice?
First of all, I only take one medication which I have been on for about a year. For the past two months I have had diahrrea every day at least once. I have been sweeting in my sleep almost every ...

 Bladder Infection? Lately I have had to go to the bathroom a lot?
I have had to go a lot but almost no urine comes out just a little, before bed I go to the bathroom but 5 to 10 minutes later I have to go again. I have to fall asleep like 10 mintues after I go or I ...

 Can you help me fall asleep?
what are some good tips for me to get myself sleeping right now?...

 My Grandad had an aneurysm today...?
It was very lucky, it was a leak, last week he complained of a trapped nerve but today after rushing him to hospital it was much worse. The nurse said it was a matter of hours (3 at the most) before ...

 Wii Fit - looks like weighing scales?
its a fitness board thats being advertised on tv, anyone know anything about it?
Additional Details
what kind of price are they please? in the UK?...

 Is there a possibility that BPO employees would have health issues because of constnt night shifts?
We as human beings are supposed to sleep during night and the best time for us to wake up would be early morning. Is'nt it? one week of night shift in a month is there in many professions but ...

 Immune System?
I always seem to catch a cold or get a mild infection when either the season changes or I do something that my body isnt used to. Take for example when I joined the gym a few months ago. A week after ...

Ben S
Why can't I move the fingers on one hand with out moving the fingers on my opposite hand?
Like it says, I cant move fingers on one hand with out moving the fingers on my opposite hand. My pinky finger is the worst, if I totally relax both hands and try to move my pinky, not only does the pinky on my opposite hand move just as much, but it will often times move first. I have been playing guitar for about 4 years, and it has gotten a little better (minus the pinky) but if im reaching in my pocket for example, then my opposite hand will be doing some weird spazms. It doesnt really hinder my life, and my friends get a kick out of it, but its kind of annoying. My theory is motor skills, whats yours? Do you know anyone with this? and is there any therapy for this? THANK YOU!

LIsa G
Nervous systme problem (the brain is part of the nervous system). Nerves convey messages to the brain to allow muscles to move. Talk to your doctor.

All I know is that the right side of the brain controls movements on the left side and the right side does the left. You have a unique brain. I've never known of anyone with that problem before. It's like your brain is not divided. Talk to your doctor about it. It doesn't sound like a motor skill problem. It might be something genetic.

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