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 I see black dot in my eyes ?
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Additional Details
oh I'm see them when i'm tired .
ty ...

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 Does melatonin make you drowsy or groggy in the morning? After only 5 hours of sleep?
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When I yawn sometimes I squirt saliva - what is the cause?
I think that this could be something really serious because it does not happen all the time but sometimes when i yawn a short but very powerful / forceful burst of saliva squirts out - it does not triclle - it is an actual squirt. I was wondering if i could have some serious condition developing like throat cancer or something.

can anyone help - i feel embarrassed to tell the dr this because it does not cause any pain or anything and it seems trivial.

this happens to everyone

εmma ☮
Don't worry! I have this too.
I'm not exactly sure on the specific cause of this; but i am almost certainly sure it's not serious!
It's probably something to do with releasing the air, which is pushing saliva out of your mouth at the same time, so it squirts out a little.

It goes back to the time in pre-history we were lizards before we were human..we spurted venom at our enemies, just as snakes still do, but during evolution we dropped the venom and retained the 'spurt' as you call it as a way of disposing of excess saliva...

I used to enjoy that when i was a kid, til now i dont know what causes it. Enjoy the squirt!!

Probably just the tongue movement when you yawn flicks the little pool of saliva in your mouth and it squirts out a bit. I remember reading a letter to a doctor in a magazine in this problem - the person wondered why she always spat when she talked - and the doc said it was nothing to worry about at all and suggested if it really bothered her, to swallow before she spoke! I do it sometimes too; I think everyone does, so don't worry.

Its perfectly normal - just your saliva glands under your tongue working. If you press your tongue behind your teeth and think of something that makes your mouth water (or touch your tongue with an oxo cube) you should be able to squirt the saliva out.

cereal reapest.
haha, good question, one we're all thinking!

The Firm
I've got the wife to answer this as she's a medical expert!

Actualy Im a Thorasic surgeon but oh well! :)

Hi hon, I am well aware of what your talking about. Firstly you have 2 little bush like nodes in your cheeks. The nodes generate saliva and secrete gradualy into the mouth to help breakdown the stuff you put init. What happens is when you yawn, there is an immense amount of pressure being put on the little nodes, your mouth opens wide, pulling the cheeks thin and stretching the nodes so what else is going to happens, they are going to do what they do best and secrete saliva, unfortunatly for you, it has a little power behind it. I obviously cannot say that you are 100% free of cancer because Im no doubt thousands of miles away and have not seen you. But I do not think that you have any serious underlying medical condition.

By all means see your health practitioner and get an upclose opinion. if nothing else you would have peice of mind wouldnt you.

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