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 If you can't get a full 8 hours of sleep, you should only get 4?
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 i haven't had a cigarette since Sunday night, how bout you?
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 why can't the body kill HIV?

 If U shouldn't put COTTON buds in your ear because U may damage them, what are they for then?

 Are GP's totally necessary these days?
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 Did John Travolta's son Jett die because his parents follow scientology and refused Medicine?
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 smokin question please answer?
im a non smoker but all my friends and family smoke
im around my friends all the time when the somke which makes me passive smoke
but my friends all say im more likely to die before them ...

 What is the best method to quit nail biting?
Least expensive would help....

Whats the average age people die at?

at present time 60 is the average age to die the people


The Mr. Pine
About the time you are elidgile for ssi.

Depends on the country
In Egypt The verage is between 70 - 80 ( For a healthy man or woman )

Depends on where you live, what your diet is, where you work, how active you are off work. How many things you have going for fun, how many things effected you are stressful in a bad way.

well according to my guessing statistics i beleive that YOU will die when you are 84

It depends if you smoke;

If you smoke; you'll die probably when you're 60 ish, maybe a bit longer.

If you don't smoke, your chances of living increase so you'll probably live to be about 80 or 90 depending on your health status. (if you're over/under weight by alot, if you drink heavily, if you take drugs, or if you have a terminal illness)

Chinese people live until a very old age because they eat and drink so healthily... Man I wish I had the diet of a Chinaman some times....

I think its around 76, but it just depends on that individual person.

I would say its appx. 75 yrs old now maybe even a bit higher with all of todays medicines!

it depends on the person and how well they took care of themselves and their genes. a good ball park figure is 80

it depends on the country

Ud [man]
Statistically, the average age is 84
Ethically, its as long as you take care of your body and treat it up, up to 140 years old.

depends who you are and where you are in the world... wide range

Hello =)

Right now, men at 78, women at 84....

Considering what life is like after this age, I see no reason to extend it any further...

Namaste, and Happy Holidays,


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