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 Why is medical jargon used by health care professionals?
What are the advantages and disadvantages? For the health care professional and the patient.

Would be glad to hear anyones opinions.

I am a nursing student and have been asked ...

What supplements do you take when you're feeling "run down" and lacking in energy?
Do things like echinaecha really work? What works for you?

Pommie girl

pharmaton capsules are very good, you can buy this at most chemists.

take some iron supplements, always works for me, and make sure you eat your veg, I find if I dont eat my veg, i start to feel lethargic..

St Johns Wart. Its not as gross as it sounds. It really works. Try multi vitamins too.

Michael E
Echinaecha boosts the immune system but should not be taken long term as the body gets used to it.
Drink plenty of water, mild excercise and tery something like Siberian ginseng!

You could try Vitamin B - but to be honest nothing beats eating better e.g. fresh fruit - especially bananas, apples, grapes, etc. Also try drinking hot water with lemon in the morning- it really flushes your system out and wakes you up.

Fallen Angel
have you been to the doctors lately, are you getting night sweats, unable to sleep. if you answer yes to any of these you should visit your gp. DONT PANIC just have some thyroid function tests done because if it isnt working as it should then that can ,make you feel a little run down.
otherwise sonatogen are good and you will need to have ones with iron in. low iron levels can also make you feel low.
drink plenty of water if you can to flush out any toxins that may be lurking in your system, good luck i really hope you are feeeling better very soon.ecinacea is good for preventing colds.

Q.T.Ο€ Reuben
I live on coffee. It always works to get me going.

Mad Roy
Start with a high potency multivitamin-multimineral. Bill Gottlieb in Alternative Cures recommends and discusses: carnitine, magnesium, glutamine, omega 3 fatty acids, and diet. Siberian ginseng is used by many athletes.
See vitasearch.com for more suggestions and info on energy and fatigue products.
Good luck!

I've had this before and sometimes the reasons are quite complicated so seeing an alternative therapist is important. Doctors are rubbish. The best pick me up i've found is something called Floradix. It's basically a very good Iron and Vitiman B formula from plant extracts

I usually drink a slim fast.... it has a lot of vitamins in it.

Yogi Bear
If I could'nt have a holiday in the sun, I always get, plenty of laughter, and lots of smiles. Don't worry be happy, great tonic.

Aloe Vera works for me - contact me

Chuck Dhue
You should quit your job. No job should treat you that bad.

i tried these vitamin water drinks as well as b6 and b12 strips they really give me too much energy

the best that works for me is B complex tablet- it's can convert the food that u ate inti energy...it is used in the pathway. the best as to my experience is B complx tablet plus multivitamin plus a protein drinks...give me full blast energy that lasted a day.

Just good old Vit c and loads of orange jucie

B vitamins are supposed to be good. I take time released Busy B with C from Holland and Barrett. I also make myself a fruit smoothie to drink every morning. I make it the night before to save time. A recent telly programme showed that processed foods with lots of additives make people tired so avoid them. Good luck!

Try REVITAL it really works

Minadex Tonic

Ginseng works for me.

Anything with lots of iron in it. like liver
If it doesn't work try foods with high sugar levels. like fruit
If that doesn't work try eating something that contains lots of carbohydrates, like pasta

Chocolate!! seriously a bit of chocolate gives you energy or a banana.

good quality multi vitamins

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