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 whens the last time you got your head stuck in something?

Additional Details
laura c - you had to saw off your toddlers head? i hope he was ...

 Swollen glands for over 6 months?
I am a 28 year old woman who has a dime sized gland protruding from my throat/jawline and origionally thought nothing of this. I have been to the doctor who said it was no cause for concern. Now it ...

 I Stayed Awake All Night and I have school today. How Do I Make myself wake up and stay awake?
LOL I didnt even realise it, I just looked at my computer clock and I gotta get up in an hour. I dont have caffine pills or n e thing because everything is closed at this time. Plus, I have no ride.I ...

 Do you think pharmacists should work collaboratively with doctors for less errors and better therapy?

 Thirsty all the time drink alot and my legs leave dents when you push on them?
I am 33 years old and for the last few months I have been drinking all the time and use the bathroom 30 times a day to urinate and if you push on the front of my legs it leaves a dent for a few ...

 Any one know what it is?
I have these things all over me there like hard little wart things that grow a scab looking thing on top of them they are one on my wrist and below my eye and sevreal on my back anyone know what they ...

 Do dependents of a individual on medicare receive benefits?

 Sometimes I get this stinging pain around where my heart is, what could this be?
I'm 18 years old, in great health, and i'm nowhere near being overweight....

 My coworkers are mean, what can I do to let it not bother me?

 my bf has this weird bump on the back of his head...?
its about the size of a walnut and hard. he doesnt like me to touch it because he says it feels weird. its location is about an inch above where his neck meets his head and a little to the right. hes ...

 I'm 23. I work 35 hours a week while going for a masters. I feel exhausted at night but can't sleep. Why?

 Do most smokers suffer from social inadequacy?

Additional Details
lol - Zoomba - ...

 i cant get to sleep easy? at all?
ok i can never get to sleep.
i allways get tired but when i try to go to sleep i just cant i turn off all my stuff in my room but then that just makes my mind run wild.
and i cant take ...

 How many "Orgasms"?
count as a multiple orgasm?
I can have 3 in a row?...

 How do i fall asleep?
i wanna go 2 bed earlier cuz i want to wake up not tired. i have a tiny bit of stress, but not much, just your average teen stress about school, parents, boys, work. How do i fall asleep? I don'...

 Do you have any ideas what is wrong with me?
I am 12 weeks pregnant and have just come out of hospital after 2 days as i was taken in with suspected rupture of appendix or something wrong with the baby. I was having alot of stomach pain and ...

 does it mean anything if you move around a lot while sleeping?
just kinda wondering
i always wake up with the blankets all over the place and my bed is always super ...

 Is coffee okay to drink when you have sinus pressure and drainage?
I don't really like tea, but I LOVE a good mocha. Do you think it will be bad for me at this time?...

 eyelid twiching?
my eye lid has been twiching really badly, what is the cause and what i can do to stop ...

 will using non-fluoride toothpaste give me cavities?
Fluoride is highly toxic and a poison, if not too many people know it. Thats why fluoride toothpastes have warning, that if amount consumed is more than used for brushing, poison center should be ...

What does it mean if your blood is bright orange?
I was bleeding from a cut and it was like my blood was replased with carrot juice!!!!


YOUR AN ALIEN.....no seriosly. what ever do you mean, bright orange,how do you know,,,have you had a blood test to prove this..and in that case. what is being done for you?.I think actually that what you saw when you looked at the wound, was your natural plasma mixing with your blood, to form a scab.lol.

Bethany ♥'s her Superman
Doesn't sound too good. Hemoglobin is what makes your blood red. Make an appointment with your doctor.

It means you are going to die soon. Probably tomorrow.

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