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 Which of the following is included in a client’s plan of care?
Which of the following is included in a client’s plan of care?

a. Doctor’s orders, demographic data, medication administration and rationales
b. Client’s assessment data, ...

 how do u fall asleep really fast when ur really excited?!?!?

 Have you ever been in a coma and been able to hear and understand other people?
If you have, can you explain what is was like to hear these people and understand them but not be able to respond? Or, do you know anyone that has had this experience??...

 What's wrong with me?
Yesterday at school I had a really bad throat, because I was dehydrated - it was really hot and I didn't have a drink. I got home and ate some frozen orange things to help my throat, and drank ...

 How do I Stop Smoking QUICK AND CHEAP?
I have a related question about this topic, but a friend just told me about cigarettes that are all natural and contain no nicotine. I have never heard of such a thing.. Anybody know anything about ...

 Does my c-section scar look botched?! How long will it take to heal?!?
had to have an emergency c-section January 25th 2007 (24.5 hours after my water broke, my daughter refused to come out had I known I wouldn't have gone 18 hours without pain meds lol j/k).

 Is it possible to get a cold if you are around a smoker (see details)?
My dad is dating this lady who smokes and over the weekend I had slept over there for the first time and I was in her nasty smelling smoke house for 5 days. I developed a cold and wa wondering if it ...

 What songs best represent the twelve steps?
I am trying to find pieces of music, popular or oldies where the lyrics (especially) and the feel of the music represents one of the 12 steps of Recovery. I have trying to come up with THE best list ...

 If i don't have heath insurance how can i get treated for free? Please help?
I went to the Urgent care the other day and found out i have bronchitis. Just for that visit I owe $400 by friday. Also the prescription they have me is a inhaler that cost $450. I am not covered at ...

 What is the minimum staffing level in a Nursing Home?
My Grandmother who is in a Nursing (not residential) home, has to wait over an hour in the night times for someone to help her to the toilet (she is 100% bedridden). There are approximately 21 ...

 Do the old consume too much health care?How should health care resources be distributed across the population?
What are each generations obligations to those before and those after them? Do the old consume too much health care? What is too much? How should health care resources be distributed across the ...

 How Can I Fall Asleep Faster?
its 1 a.m. where i am at and i cant sleep and i've been like this the past week and i usually dont fall asleep until 2 a.m. so are the any ways i can fall asleep faster (not using pills)
oh ...

 can you fail a drug test off smelling non burning weed or being around it burning but not smoking it yourself?

 Does Rozerem Really Work to induce Sleep or is it just a way 2 pay for a placebo and do a sleep routine?
sorry but i just dk why a "hypnotic" would be better than a "sedative" and they say only do sleep related activities after taking it. so like i already know all the non-pill ways ...

 Is there anything you can do to stop puking?

I dont think im sick wiht anything. I cooked my dinner so I guess what ate maybe? idk.
Have like 5 time in the past 2 hours, theres nothing left and it burns my throat so i ...

 I need some very important advice my daughter has had tmj for a very long time doctors and dentists have?
done absolutely nothing about it, my daughter is currently hospitalized an every day she complains about her tmj discomfort and pain,but the doctor has said the tmj is not important. My daughter has ...

 Is there an antibiotic you don't need a prescription for?

Additional Details
tdp: The Merck Manual.and my four limbs thank you....

 how many hours a day does a nurse work?

 Sedation used for a picc line in the neck. Is this a normal thing or are the nurses leaving out information.?
is it normal for someone to sedate someone solely because they have a picc line in their neck?

My dad was getting dialysis because of kidney failure and had a picc line in for months but ...

 If you have had a blood test in the past would your blood type be on record?
I'm really curious about finding out my blood type, but i don't particularly like needles, and don't want another test just for sake of it. I would give blood to justify the pain from ...

Jayme C
What causes a persons skin to turn gray?
Yesterday I was at the store and I ran into a man in his mid 40's. I noticed that his skin was solid gray. His face, his arms, his chest and his hands. It did not appear to be dirt or ash. What causes this? Is it caused at birth or a medical problem?

He probably turned gray because you ran into him.

Maybe tuberculosis? It can give a gray color to an infected person's skin.

Low oxygen......

mud bug
There is a alternative medicine called Colloidal Silver which is supposed to cure anything and everything. One of the side effects is that it turns your skin Grey if you ingest too much. Maybe that was his problem

It depends. There are some medications that can turn the skin a blue/grey as well as medical conditions.

Low oxygenation from emphasemya/COPD/Asthma/ Smokers...

Poor circulation as seen with diabetes, or vascular disease

Cardiac problems that have affected the patients EF.

Cold if a person is cold they can get a grey to grey mottled apperance.

Anemia (but again that leads back to poor oxygenation)

There are other issues that can cause it but the above are the main reasons.

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