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Hellloooo :)
Wat happens if u think about breathing?
wat happens if you think about breathing. wenever i think about breathing, which i dont kno y i think about it but i just do. And wenever i think about it, it makes me harder to breath cause im breathing unusual wen i think about it. Just like wen u think about blinking, u blink unusual. So wenever i think about breathing it makes it hard to breath. Then wen i dont think about it, it's fine. Has this ever happened to anyone else??? My mom said she did it once and she didnt breath well either. So has anyone ever thought about breathing before?


I have done the same thing. Is it like taking your hand and rubbing it on your head in circles and rubbing your belly at the same time ...I could never do this.

pj therapy
it makes me have to tinkle

Joanne A.
Try this:


the big chief
everynight before i go to bed - i pray to god i will still be breathin in the morning - when i wake up i hold my nose - if i start to choke i know i'm still breathin - once i held my breath for 15 minutes and died

Well breathing is an unconscious function. Our bodies handle the breathing for us in a much more efficient manner than we could. When we stop to think about it, we think OK, breathe in, now breathe out. Therefore, the process is more laborious.

lol yeah i did before and i started to breathe faster. i think about how i walk sometimes and i walk funny and someone ask why do you walk like that. its how you think about how other people think about it that bothers you i guess lol.

yes it kind of hurts a little but it also tickles at the same time haha!!!

i know how u feel.when u think about breathing your body knows your thinking about it.just like blinking.

Joshua T
Breathing along with heart beat, organ function and all other involuntary processes are regulated in (or around) the medulla obligate the little node at the back of your brain. Now breathing on the other hand is a double edged sword, you can control it you self(like holding you breath) or just let auto pilot take charge.

You must really be a blonde.
Why dont you think about going to school or think about how can you stop smoking weed, because its obvious that your brain cells have evaporated.
Have a nice day!!!

Nothing, it is not under your direct control. It is controlled by the autonomic nervous system [ANS].

Samantha Thompson

I breath really deeply, and it makes me yawn.

black mule
If you think about breathing, then eventually you will have to start breathing on your own because your lungs have no brains to think with and you will have to stay awake at night to breathe because if you go to sleep, you will stop breathing and you will be out of air when you wake up and it could give you a bad case of the hiccups. Try to breathe without thinking about it. You know, kinda like the congress spends our money.

daniel r
Breathing is controlled by the two different parts of your central nervous system. One part called the "involuntary" part takes care of things that you don't think about, like your heart beat, digesting food, and breathing when you are not aware of it.

Breathing is also controlled by the other part, the "voluntary" part of your central nervous system. This part lets you blink your eyes, move your arms and legs, and breathe in more (like when you are running fast) or hold your breath (when swimming)

These two parts work together to make sure that you don't have to think about breathing and blinking all the time, otherwise you would have no time for anything else!!

Yes It has happened to me before, actually it just happened to me. When I was reading your question when you mentioned breathing it made it feel weird to breath, and the same with blinking when you mentioned it or think about it you blink a lot more than usual.

Yes, I have & honestly, I just kept breathing.

you could possibly have anxiety.......I have it, try to focus on something else, not your breathing and go talk to a doctor about it

I don't have a problem with breathing...but when I'm trying to fall asleep and I start thinking about swallowing the saliva in my mouth then I don't do it automatically and I have to focus on swallowing....and then I can't go to sleep...it's weird. The breathing thing reminded me of my swallowing thing. And now that I'm thinking about it I have to make myself swallow or my mouth will fill up...erg...odd, huh??

Have you ever been "aware" of your tongue? I mean, your tongue is just sitting there, why doesn't it slide back in your throat???
You should try very hard not to ever think about such things, because it will be extremely annoying when you do.

I get that every now and then. Thinking conciously about something that we usually do and is meant to do subconciously will slow any human down. Sometimes for the better, like when making long term decisions, and sometimes it's just annoying and will make us wonder for a moment if that normally automatic behavior will ever return to us. But don't worry, it will return, your mind is just playing tricks on you and causing you to for a second, second guess yourself.

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