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 my son is disabled and still wheres diapers he dosent like me changing him he is 13 years old what can i do?

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i'm not constipated just feel very tense?...

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 shopping doin my head in?
anyone feel the same you go in the supermarket put all your shopping in a trolley. then you go to the till and take all your shopping out. then you put it all back in the trolley then you put it it ...

 Is it possible that my incredibly bad flatulence is caused by me not eating much?
And drinking too much lager?
Additional Details
Kate, I do care about my health and my drinking is only one of a few problems that I am currently getting help ...

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 Coughing up thick mucus and chesty cough for over three weeks....Is this normal?
I'm asthmatic as well but is not affecting my breathing more than normal. Its a thick green mucus and comes up each time from coughing heavy for about five minutes. Its getting extremely ...

 my daughter have got feaver 99 from last 28 days all tests are ok what whould i do doctor say stop medicanes?
age is of six year.on start she got 101and 102 we take her to doctor he gave antibiotic temp go down to 99-99.4then we change doc he gave diffrent antibiotic and third time gave antibiotic injections ...

 What`s a GEEZER ?

 Why did i get such a bad hangover or could it be something else?
Okay so normally i drink a lot.. go out a lot n have a lot when i do.

I gave up drink 4 lent.. buit broke it last nite.

I was drinkin constantly from 4 til 4 (at nite).


 I haven't taken a dump since tuesday morning, it's now sunday night, is this a problem?
I use to go once a day, or every two days, and nice a normal, nothing in my intestines is moving. should I head to the hospital? or wait it out?...

 Why do I keep losing my memory? I can't remember if it's because I have amnesia?...?

 Sleep how many hours?????????????????
On average how many hours sleep do you get a night when you have to work a 8-10 hour day sart at 6am each ,morning?...

 How is the best way to quit smoking ?
Well i have been tryin to quite smoking and i am finding it hard. i have been the doctors but they wernt that much of a help. Do you think you can help me....

 Alcoholism, how do you help someone?
My landlord/best mate is a chronic alcoholic. When I first moved in I thought his drinking habit was getting worse. 8 Cans of lager for a while. Then he would start having a couple of strong lagers ...

 what do you do when you can't sleep?
beside yahoo? I am tired but I can't sleep....

Tasting urine, good or bad?
Someone I know tastes her urine - not drink, just a taste, and she says she can taste if her body is healthy. Ex. too salty, sur, or tasteless. Does anyone taste your urine when you take a tinkle?

Well apparently The person you know does LOL. It's probably not a good thing to taste your urine because that is waist your body is getting rid of. I know you can tell if you are dehydrated based on the color of your urine but i do not believe you can tell if your body is healthy based on taste. Plus this person that you know who tastes her own pee could possibly end up giving herself Hepatitis you contract that from bio-waste. Explain to the person you know that what she is doing is unhealthy. If i was you i would explain it to her this way... ask her if she has ever wondered why you wash your hands after going to the bathroom. when she responds with her answer give her yours. State that it is waste that the body gets rid of when you urinate or have a boll movement because it can not use be used elsewhere in the body. if the body did not get rid of this waist it would become toxic after awhile and would kill do to Toxic shock syndrome. Then Explain the reason you wash your hands after using the restroom is to prevent illness from hazardous waist witch is urine or stool the main reason you wash your hands is to make sure you do not contract hepatitis witch can be life threatening and let her know that everything she tastes her urine she is punting herself at risk. I would advise you no to ever taste your urine. If you could tell if you where healthy from the way it tasted I guarantee you that Doctors would make you pee in a cup every time you had an appointment to see if you were healthy so they could taste it but they don't.

All the Best
Yes, and I have a job where I aways ask the customer if they would like their soda supersized!

eww. bad bad BADD!

Well it's kinda ****** up, and I don't, but it's like 90 percent water so it's not bad for you. To each his own, I guess.

Feeling Groovy
i'd rather have someone teaste my urine...but that is a diferent story -
I liek to exchange body fluids.


I don't taste mine though there's nothing wrong with tasting it if you really want to.

yo mothafuckr
thats disgusting

For what it's worth, urine is sterile, but, the container she collects it in isn't.
It's also an emetic (causes vomiting).
Does she know how to interpret her "findings" or what to do about them?
She sounds like a head case with other idiosyncrasies. This is not the weirdest stunt she pulls; she's an attention-seeker.

Yuk!!!!!!!!! can I have a puking bag?
Tell her not to do it, its not medically fit.
The reason why our body throws it out is that its harmful if remains in body, and this friend of yours just takes it back in (Through a different path of course), think what might happen to her mouth.......

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