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 I bruise really easily.. What's this mean?
When I was a little girl I have always bruised easily. And my husband noticed that I have bruises all over my legs and I don't know where are coming from or what happened. I have one really big ...

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For the past year have had GERD/Acid reflux symptoms

Have taken proper precautions (avoided fatty, acidic foods, ...

 Why can't you draw blood from a vein with a heart beat?
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 my entire left thumb has gone numb?
nothing wrong with my heart, no health problems. im right handed, but use both hands at work. forklift operator/material handler. any idea what this is. cant call dr at the moment
Additional D...

 I wake up and my hand is completely numb!! i can't feel a thing!!!?
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 Why is it that when I am trying to sleep or cuddle on the couch, my body is like an oven?
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 Is a G Tube removable? If so after when ?
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 how often do you REALLY pee your pants?
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 why do some people always crack their knuckles?

Additional Details
I confess, I, too, am a knuckle cracker addict. I know, tmi, but I can crack 92 different joints in my body....

 What do you do when you cant sleep?

 What jobs can I get in a hospital without any experience?
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 Caffine Sickness ?
every time i drink coffee or any other hot coffee-type drink, I get queasy about an hour later. what could this mean ??
Additional Details
hmmm there is a history of Lactose and ...

 Nyquil effects?
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 How can I get to sleep earlier?
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 One a day hay fever relief - advice needed please...?
If I take one drug i.e Loatadine and it doesnt help much, is it OK to take another one a day i.e Cetrizine in the same day? I have no ill effect from either when taken alone.
Will they contra ...

 help. bulimia is taking over my friends life.?
my best friend used to be bolimic in middle school. she stopped a few years ago, but now her body is acting very strange. she watches what she eats so she doesn't trigger her bolimia, but even ...

 is it better to get 6 hours of sleep than 7 or 8?
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 How to take care of bellypearsing?NOW?
i know i have to use sea salt, and antivaotic soap, but what else am i suppose to know. like should i move it, is it suppose to like hurt from time to time is not really like a pain but a feeling... ...

Foxy Lady
Steroid Injection for Sinus Infection?
I received a steroid injection in the hip for a sinus infection along with some antibiotics ... does anyone know how long the steroids stay in the blood? What are the side effects of having a steroid injection?
Additional Details
I know they're not going to beef me up, etc. Hah.

I'm a nursing student ;p and I have psoriatic arthritis, so I have some knowledge on steroids. I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experience with steroid injections.

Jia L
Steroids aren't what you think they are. They will not turn you into a man or beef you up. It is a generic term for a group of medical molecules. Steroids help supress the immune response (inflammation) etc. They have little consequencial effect otherwise.

Laura L
no , I have not had that injection.
I use this and it works great. IN fact I did a treatment yesterday.
My husband uses this to keep from getting bronchitis when he gets a sinus infection, and I use it to cure sinus infections. THere are many kinds of bacteria that live in the sinuses, and this gets rid of all the bad ones!.This is the only thing that really helped me --- my Dr. told me about a sinus wash that will kill bacteria.
you need

distilled water
sea salt
liquid chlorophyll and colloidal silver from the health food store.
in a glass mix 1/4 cup water with a pinch of salt and heat to body temperature.
add 5 drops each silver and chlorophyll and mix.
using a large dropper (like one used for infant medication) drop 2 full droppersfull into one side of the nose while laying down.
Turn the head and let it drain out the other nostril. Be sure to have paper towels handy. or just use a neti pot, I like this better.
The silver kills the bacteria and there are several hundred kind that can live in the sinus cavities and anti biotics don't get rid of them all.
Do this twice a day for a week, mixing up the mixture fresh each time.
Then do it once a week for maintenance.
There is nothing in this that will hurt you, and it cured me.
I do not have to take claritin, or antibiotics anymore.
best wishes

Ugh... I had to get one of those a couple years back. It depends on your body how long it stays in. If you have a faster metabolism then it will get out of your system faster.

Most of the side effects are immediate if you are going to have any. I remember feeling suddenly nauseated and light headed. For the rest of the week i felt VERY irritable and tired.

I also remember hearing that antibiotics make certain birth control not work so watch out for that too.

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