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 What is it like to be put to sleep under general anesthesia?
What is it like to be put to sleep under general anethesia?
I am so scared! I have never been put under. Is it safe?I have heard that it's risky, and people can die during anesthesia! Is it ...

 Why is medical jargon used by health care professionals?
What are the advantages and disadvantages? For the health care professional and the patient.

Would be glad to hear anyones opinions.

I am a nursing student and have been asked ...

 Is it our human rights that are being ignored?
A work colleague has terrible body odour it's obvious he does not wash his armpits, mondays they smell a bit but come friday they are FOUL. It's not just when you stand next to him it wafts ...

 Doctor or nurse or somethin, paranoid about my health or at least my neck area.?
Paranoid about my health?
I have neck problems and my doctor did an x-ray and said im 100% fine. Just muscular problems. But my neck is feelin weird again, and i dont feel good, and im paranoid ...

 is AIDS Test a necessity before marriage?

 Has any on had any thing like this?
I am not hung over at all(ttotal) but in betwen my shoulder blades and i am going dizzy i can feel the bottom of my fingers go funny. I Hve just strarted a new job and its the first i have had in ten ...

 How much blood does an average adult human being have?

 Do you think they should legalize Crack for medicinal purposes?
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 Do you believe that we should remove healthcare benefits for those who choose unhealthy lifestyles?

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would it be unethical? and who specifically would they restrict it for?...

 i need tips on how to not pee?
i have to hol dmy pee for 12 hours and im almost done but i have to go really bad. i have 3 hours left so can someone give me tips on how to hold it?...

 I did something bad with a hotdog, now I cant get it back. any ideas?

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I can't go the the ER, I am so ...

 i can't get no sleep?
i'm on night shift this week and when i go to bed about 8 in the morning i'm totally shattered and can't keep my eyes open i eventually fall asleep after about 1hr trying then i wake ...

 Why does my brain keep wanting to be awake when I want to be asleep?
I have had this weird problem lately. I haven't been sleeping properly because I keep waking up from time to time and my brain will suddenly start thinking about something! It can be anything ...

 What is the best way to help a sunburn heal quickly?

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Anything besides aloe vera?...

 what is the best thing to do about allergies?

 is it normal?
Your bones and muscles hurt if you have a fever?
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 ANSWERE OR answere?
i have asked alot of questions hoping i would get a good response to the more serious questions i asked.Although you can quickly go and look over my questions you could see i am very troubled and i ...

 How do I get my girlfriend to the hospital and see medical attention?
My girlfriend fell through a table. My mom called 911 but when they tried to get her on the gurney thing and put the neck brace on her she pretty much pushed them away and wrapped her arms around my ...

 What exactly is a physical?
I am going into a high school this fall, and I get my physical tomorrow. What should I expect?...

 Do you blindly obey your doctor?
(western medicine)

Do you do what he/she says all the time in regards to your health? Do you think about what is being asked of you before you agree to take any medication? EG: read about ...

sherry c
My veins look green?
My veins in my arms and hand look very green for some reason. Anyone know why that is?

go see a doctor!

You could be crustacean, they have copper based blood. Do you have 8 legs and claws? See a marine biologist to get a professional opinion.

Henry W
eat too much pepper/ chilly?

it's because of lack of oxygen in Ur blood, u should do some exercises to put your blood in motion ... and eat more fruits ... u definitely need vitamins

kim s
Its the veins that carry the deoxygenated blood, normal we all have it with out the green tint to ur veins youd be dead cause that means your rbc's are not releasing oxygen to your body parts

They are blue. You are looking at them through the pigment of your skin.
Blood flows through the veins. Blood is blue in color inside, but once it hits the air, or cooling temperature, it turns red.

well the actual color of your blood is blue..until it reaches oxygen, then it turns red, so the veins close to the surface with a lot of blood in them will be a bluish green color...nothing to worry about, just means your normal and healthy.

vein should be green is't it?

theyre suppose to look green! dont worry.

it's just the way your veins are. some are blue.
(beauty tip from the professionals: look at the inside of your wrist; if your veins are blue, you look better in lighter shades and tones; if they're green, stick with earth tones.)
don't worry--it's very normal.

Silly chick
yellow lighting.

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