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My friend says if she takes 3-1mg. Xanax it give her a lot of energy. Could this be possible?

Cory Civic1991
Actually yes, it Just depends on if you took water with it, the Hydro Monoxide in Xanax reacts with water (Note the Hydro) and intensify's the effects. it dosent really do harm though, just messes with you for a while.

No. Xanax is a Tranquilizer. If you intensify the effects, you would be very relaxed.

Not normally, but every body is different.

Leprechaun of Jupiter
i took xanex forgot dose and knocked me out its a tranquilers and is supposed to do that its also a controled substance and addictive/dangerous. I have had family in hospital for overdosing. For energy if she must caffine in pill soda coffee form is safer more effective

Xanax is a prescription drug for people who have panic attacks. It is very dangerous, and illegal for someone to take if it is not prescribed by a doctor specifically for that person. If your friend is taking it on her own, she may be getting it illegally, or stealing it from one of her parents. If this is true, you would really be a good friend by talking to her parents about it, so they know their daughter is in trouble.

Passion Parties by Tina
PIlls react differently to different people. My stepmom can take a pill that is a non drowsy type and it will knock her out for hours. So yes it is possible.

I love my baby boy!
Xanax is a drug that is used for anxiety. It will calm you down, not give you energy. When I take Xanax, I want to do nothing but pass out.

She is lying through her teeth. I take Xanax 2 per day at 0.5mg and it's a anti-anxiety medication. It makes you sleepy and just more relaxed. I think your friend is trying to pull a fast one on you , sorry.

Depends on the person, and it could depend on what the person drinks with it.

If you take downers with lots of caffiene, from what I understand, they create a small speed-ball like effect.

Drugs do different things to different people. Some take it to calm down and others to increase awareness.

Hopefully she is doing it under doctors watch. She is raising her heart beat and after taking it for a while she will need more to feel the same way and all the while her heart is beating so fast she could have a heart attack and die.

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