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Yahoo Police
Is it normal to have a sore arm after a tetanus shot.?
It started felling weird after like a few hours. Now it feels as if someone has punched very hard. Is this normal?

Mihael Keehl
Um, duh. You have to make sure you keep moving you're arm or it'll get stiff. I got my shots about three weeks ago, and don't worry, it'll clear up in 3-4 days :D

yeah my arm felt like that too
dont worry

Its completely normal. The shot has and ingredient that leaves your arm stiff and sore. It probably feels like Your carrying extra pounds. It also may be numb. Don't worry it will eventually go away! :)

pageant girl
well if they put it in youre arm intsead of youre bottom then yes its ok for it to be sore

Capital R
Yes, it's normal for pretty much every shot; it depends how long it will hurt, but there is nothing wrong with your arm.

Oh yes. It will go away in a few days. It might swell a bit too. They have to inject a tetanus shot into the muscle which is why it's sore.

The link below has tons of information about the temporary side effects of tetanus shots.

edward's girl
Oh yeah, definitely. My arm hurt for almost a week after I got it. It's definitely a painful shot. If it hurts too bad, go see your doctor. He can give you some meds. But Tylenol works well too.

Hope I helped!

Totally normal. They should have told you to expect that when the shot was given.

I couldn't lift my arm for a week after my tetnus shot. It gets better.

normal y dont u play the wii it hels to move your arm

it will get better.

It's normal. The area may appear warm and feverish as well. It will pass.

Lynne W
Your pain has only just begun if it is like mine. The next day following my last tetanus shot, I developed a low grade fever and had a knot on my arm at the injection site the size of a baseball. Take Advil or Tylenol - it helps. Good luck!

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