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corse i have its so funny ...

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I'm just me
Is gatorade ok for electrolyte replacement?
My son is 7 and stubborn and has diarrhea, aka he refuses to drink that electrolyte solution, cause it tastes gross. lol But he loves gatorade. I figure it's okay so long as he actually drinking *something*, but I just wondered--IS gatorade an okay for rehydration? He's not dehyrated or anything; I just want to make sure he stays that way.

Thanks. :)
Additional Details
I have such a hard time getting him to drink the other stuff, so this was a question I'd always wondered about. No worries, if he was dehydrated I'd MAKE him drink the other stuff.

Thanks for the tip on watering it down.

He has Diarrhea but is not dehydrated. Do not pander to him otherwise he will be expecting 'special treatment' every time he gets diarrhea even at the age of 30! Let him drink what he wants to drink, milk, water, whatever his normal drink is. If he is thirsty he will drink! Good Luck

for kids it's is usually Pedialite that is given

there are some gatorade'z that specificaly say it's has electrolites, but.... good luck finding one

Gatorade is great for this. If you are worried about the sugar in it, dilute it 50/50 with water. It still tastes good and helps rehydrate.

Kayla A
gatorade is good for dehydration, but it has so much sugar in it it might make the diarrhea worse. maybe just dilute the gatorade a little, or even try to see if he will drink the pedialite diluted.
the grape flavor isnt actually too bad. it tates almost the same as grape juice

Ace D
IN the philippines, the diet for people with diarrhea is BRAT. Banana, rice, apple and tea. Now it is BRAG. Banana, rice, apple and gatorade.

Why gatorade? We are trying to replace lost electrolytes. right? We are after for the potassium here so if your gatorade has a high content of potassium then it is ok.

Actually, water will do also. Just drink a lot especially when your son poops.

About the gross taste of the solution, try to put some lemon on it. it'll be sweet enough.

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