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I haven't slept in days...?
Hi! I haven't slept in 8 days now....I'm exausted, but I can't actually sleep. When I go to bed, I just lie there for hours... Now, I was wondering, People told me you can die due to loss of sleep. Is this true? How long would that take? And, does anybody now how I can get some sleep? I tried long, hot baths, camomille tea....

Hi poison ivy, try telling yourself to go to sleep. Start by telling your toes to go to sleep, then your ankles , then your calves etc, all the way up your body. Believe me it works. Tell urself 2 relax at each point, @ when u get 2 the top of ur head u will get 2 sleep

padmanabhan s
It is good if you haven't slept for many days, as long as you sleep during nights. But, the case appears to be different.
You are bothered about something so much so that you lose sleep. When you lie down, you keep thinking about that only.
A simple trick to overcome it is to ignore the problems that now are in. By worrying over problems, you are not going to solve them. The problems were brought to you by the Almighty. He can only remove them from your life. He would do that at the appropriate time. When you are directly into it, you would be afflicted with pain, but you should not ponder over it thereafter. You should behave and think as if there are no problems for you. If any are there, it is for Him to solve. When you develop this attitude, you would naturally go to sleep, and a good one at that.

4 more days and you brake a world record

If it truly has been 8 days I recommend you see a doctor right away. You CAN die from exhaustion. I would recommend calling your doctor or going into an urgent care. They can give you a sedative to put you to sleep. If you don't like Western medicine you can try seeing an alternative healer who can stimulate your nerves and help you fall asleep.

Please seek help immediately. Good luck.

Perhaps you ought to try...nights? Do not try to sleep during daylight hours.

Sounds like you need to see a DR. Your too tired to relax.

Good luck to you sleep deprivation sux.

You could easily die from a poor decision because your too tired to make a good one. Have somone ELSE drive to the DR. & don't cook on the stove.

i can't sleep tonight myself, been up all night, i hope you get to sleep soon,

I've experienced this problem and I feel for you, it's not pleasant is it.

I had insomnia for quite a few years, and I ended up having to do a bit of research myself and I told the Doctors that I wanted to go on Endep which is an anti-depressant and it has a calmative effect on you. I take mine at night and I sleep like a baby, it's so wonderful to be able to sleep at night.

I'm not suggesting that you go on anti depressants but I think you should really go and see a Doctor and tell him/her about your not being able to sleep and see if that helps. They should at least give you some sleeping tablets so you can get some sleep.

Let us know how you get on:)

Lady In Black
it can affect your health if you dont sleep especially eight days...try taking some sleeping pills and clear your mind this vid might help you clear your mind try it hopefully it helps...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JerhK0_XLZk
oh and try to really relax dont let anything disturb you

Terry I
I listen to books on CD which I borrow free from the public library. I like something light-not a murder mystery! I also prefer a woman's softer reading voice but some men also have nice reading voices.
I find that listening to the voices lulls me to sleep and distracts me from my problems and also from worrying about not sleeping.

Johnny the real santa
take a sleeping spill then you can sleep now. But you can not die if you will not sleep, you will just be comfortless and restless.

you cant die directly from loss of sleep, but having exhaustion can be very dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. go and see a doctor ASAP and get some strong sedatives to kick you into routine. also, make sure the environment you sleep in is organised and comfortable, dont work in your bedroom etc. try not watching tv or to much excersise before bed as your heart rate will become to fast. also yoga is very relaxing and usually sends me right to sleep, and i have severe insomnia and get on average 2 hours sleep a night.

but make sure no matter how tired you get, keep your caffiene intake as minimal as possible, this will only make things worse.

I'm pretty sure you can't die. Because I've had this too.
But yeah, see a doctor

You cannot function for much longer without sleep. You will start to hallucinate badly soon. Try sleeping tablets? You will not die from lack of sleep but you will sleep for a long time.

First off, have you been to your doctor.You obviously have alot on your mind.I had the same problem.I could'nt get to sleep for hours.Tried all those remedies.Even otc pm type medicines.Did'nt want to rely on those,went to my doctor talked with her and she prescribed something for me to help relax my body and it has helped a great deal.I would go see my doctor if i were you,don't worry about if you can die, just go get help and good luck...get some rest.

Jena Isle
Visit your doctor. There might be an underlying metabolic disorder that needs treatment. Better to be sure when it comes to one's health.

NyQuil the Sleep Medicine.

You can die of exhaustion, yes, but it would probably take lije a month or something. You should still see a doctor about this, though, as 8 days without sleep is just not any good.

Sometimes you honestly can be too exhausted to fell asleep. I'm not sure why, but this seems to be common. Try getting some Theraflu or something else that will be sure to put you to slep Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Also, if you haven't already done so, try removing sugar and caffeine from your diet for awhile. Those can keep you awake sometimes.

Also, if you are taking any legal or illegal drugs, they could be causing this problem. If you've recently started a new medication or are on speed or heroin or anything like that, then you will probably need to detox in order to start sleeping well again.

If you have any meds or other drugs in your system, then please consult your doctor before taking any medicine to help you sleep. Believe me on this one, you do not want to risk any drug interactions.

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