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little stars
I feel sick everytime I use my laptop...why...?
This has been happening quite badly for the pass three days. Everytime I use my laptop I feel nauseas after about 10minutes. My head starts to hurt and I feel like I am going to throw up. I feel very awful and sick. First I thought if i get some sleep it may go off, so I went to bed yesterday earlier. But today when I am using my laptop, I still feel the same way.

The problem is also I have a lot of work which I need to hand up by this week and I need to use the laptop for this.

So could anyone help me out here? Why am I feeling like this and how can I make it stop.

I also have good eyesight and I don't need to wear glasses.

please and thank you for the help and advice =)


It makes me sick too, but i figured out that if i set the laptop on something and do NOT set it on me then i do not getsick.

The heat coming off the computer makes alot of people sick but i am not sure why.

10 pts. PLZ!!!
LOL! ; )

Karen C
Also you may want to try maximizing your screen so print is not so small??? Karen

do you have other lights in the room on?you should.also dim the brightness down.change the color on it.and don't put your face to close to it.

Hank M
iN CASES like this i like to experiment with variables... must be the scientist in me.... I would use a college laptop, or friends. ... a different brand Laptop. ... on your lap use.. on the table use.... in the dark use ....
Perhaps your laptop emits a chemical you can not tolerate and it just started as you are inferring.

Well theres a few things, Eye Sight but like you said you dont wear glasses, some people need them for reading some people need them for computers. There are also Theorys that some electro-magnetic waves or somthing... (cant quite remember) can give you head akes.

It could just be the thaught of using your laptop makes you uneaven and makes you feel sick, i have no idea why this would happen but i guess it happens to some people.

Dose it happen on other computers at Work / Collage?

Laptops and Desktops, still feel sick with both... This could help you in someway...

PrinCeZs Faithy BratZynella
there's a high radiation frequency coming from computers, and such frequency is doubled in laptops. radiations, as any form of it is, is bad for your health.

try not to work on it for more than 3 hours straight.
rest, specially your eyes for at least an hour.

It might be the brightness of the laptop, and trying to look at small writing, if you sit farther away from it, then its not so bright.

It might be the brightness, so try adjusting the brightness of the screen.
Also, every 20 minutes or so take a break off the screen.
I have that problem too with really bright screens.

good luck (:

Cherry Bomb
your eyes might not be taking the screen well. take breaks inbetween work would be my suggestion.

haha my leg just goes numb after a while when i use mine haha

Miss Oh
try getting a screen for your laptop to minimize the glare. That might help.

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