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I can't afford health insurance, what are my options?
I'm 25, single, in my own apt. and I can't get it through either of my two jobs. What are my options?

joe friday's grrl
In many areas of the country there are two new options springing up for people in your situation. The first, usually run by volunteer physicians with a ministerial focus, is a medical office that sees patients for most everything you'd get in a typical family practice, including physicals. Oftentimes, however, it may take a while to get in for a first appointment as a new patient, and there is usually an income threshhold that you have to be under and provide evidence to support. Patients in these programs can only be people working and without insurance and their dependents, and not covered or eligible for Medicaid. There is usually a graduated copay depending upon income.

I've recently heard of another option similar to the one above. The difference is that you pay a set fee to the practice every month, and then you can be seen for a certain number of visits per year with a small copay, only paying additional costs after you exceed the number of visits allotted per month or year by your contract. So, if you're relatively healthy, this is a good option, because the monthly payments are a lot less than insurance premiums, and most people find the number of allotted visits per year to be adequate.

come to Italy and refuse to learn the language, you'll have full insurance, money, a house, telephone cards and a plane ticket to visit your relatives back home, I think it is yearly.
Or go to the UK and try to get a woman impregnated, you'll be able to claim money and a home and health insurance till your offspring is 18 however he/she can reproduce way before 18 so they have their own apartment/money/insurance.
You can then produce another baby, but by then your home will cost peanuts to rent and you can claim off the social for EVERYTHING and more (saunas/swimming/gyms etc etc, for next to free)
Come get them before the Asians and Africans snap them all up, it's open to everyone.
edit: if you like drink and driving, in Italy you may even run people over, it happens daily with very few consequences for the driver, so long as you remain a foreigner you'll be safe.

You'll want to visit a local independent agent who can shop the market and find a plan that's best for your situation and budgent. The premium for a high deductible catastrophic plan without doctor visits in my area starts out at $24 per month, one with unlimited doctor visits runs $41. The best comprehensive plan with a $0 deductible runs $242. There are hundreds of plans in between these. The plans and the premiums are the same whether you use the agent or go to the company directly.

There is always public aid...such as Medicaid.

Good Luck

You should try free clinics in your area. Or as suggested, get a job with benefits. There are things that can help you out of bad fixes like this one.

jesus shuttlesworth
stay healthy.

For emergency care, some under- or uninsured people use county hospitals, sometimes using an alias and false address if the cost is prohibitive.

Most single, healthy people are not eligible for Medicaid (or is it Medicare? ack!) Call your county's Social Services agency to find out. (Unfortunately, the people who tend to answer the phones at such places don't get paid enough to think much.)

Next, try your county Public Health agency. Public Health nurses are overworked, but they'll be aware of free or inexpensive care options.

Hospital social workers tend to know *everything,* but unless you are already a patient, it's hard to see them.

Check Planned Parenthood for routine medical care. (I know it sounds weird, but they have doctors and an obligation under their funding to provide some care. Yes, to men and children, too.) If they can't help, they can refer you to the next guy.

It's a lot of work at first, but once you find someone you can afford who can provide your care, you'll be glad you did it. You might also look into getting some kind of prescription coverage. It'll save a lot if you need it.

Also, if you have a specific problem, something long term, I mean, like seizure disorder or diabetes, you may be considered "medically needy," and be eligible for one program or another.

Good luck!


If your income is low enough, state-run Medicaide can help some. Also talk with your local County Health Board.

Otherwise, you are stuck with high-cost, low benefit programs that are offered to individuals.

Personally, I would try to find another job that just has good health insurance, even if it pays slightly less.

Otherwise, save your money wisely in a good savings plan, like Capital One savings that offers 5% with no fees or minimums (other banks offer this or more, like HSBC, but they make these stupid passwords that you can only punch in with a mouse click on a keyboard not worth that extra .25%).

Finally, your last course of action is called a "pre-paid medical savings account". If you don't use it by the end of the year, you lose it, but you also don't pay income tax on what you contribute to the account.

Don't forget, if your medical costs exceed the IRS limit as a percentage of your income, you can deduct those costs on your itemized income tax form.

There’s a new company offering low cost individual health plans in Texas for young, reasonably healthy people. You buy into a plan at a super low cost with fixed benefits that will cover the typical activities and preventative care of a healthy person. Then, if something catastrophic happens, you have the option to get additional levels of coverage, even AFTER the event. A healthy 25-year-old male (and under) would pay under $100 a month for basic coverage. Check them out at http://www.precedent.com - Even if you’re not in Texas, my understanding is that they’ll be offering plans in additional states soon. I hope you find what you need!

Hope for good health. Basically your screwed. Send a thank you to president bush.

Claim to be an illegal alien

If you can't afford private insurance, you need to seriously consider quitting one of your jobs and getting one that offers benefits. Unless you move to Canada where the health care is free, you're going to have a huge problem if you get injured or sick.

Public aid. Check your state or county for a publicly or state provided health insurance. Maybe you will meet their criteria and can be eligible for free health insurance.

~ M.R.D.

Just go to blue cross and try to get single coverage. it will be expensive im sure......maybe 259 a month... for poor coverage. Its better to just stay healthy. Eat good, no bad habits, invest in suppliments like black elderberry.

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