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I am constantly tired all the time. I could sleep a whole day away without thinking twice about it whats wrong
This is an everyday thing. I am just tired all the time anyone have any idea what could be the matter?

go to the doctor, cause you might be suffering a disease.
it also can be stress but only he can run blood test to get to the bottom of it.

I suggest you go to a medical doctor. I was the same way for years and people said I was depressed, overworked, anemic etc. I had a sleep study done which showed nothing. The neurologist then did a day time sleep study and low and behold I have a sleep disorder related to narcolepsy. I have medication now and cant believe I spent so many years thinking I was depressed when there was actually a neurological reason.

Go seek medical help and see what they find.

There are labs that perform drop-in self referred blood tests for $30. I thought I had depression, but it turned out to be anemia. Whatever you have, you do need to rule out anemia and it is easy to do.

Females get anemia more often than males due to blood loss. Perimenopausal women as especially susceptible.

Besides anemia, apnea and depression are the two other common causes.

kyra k
the most common forms of fatigue in women include anemia and hypothyroidism.there are blood tests and treatments for both.also possible are depression,and fibromyalgia.a dr can screen u for those,too.another cause could be the first sign of pregnancy-most women report fatigue even b4 the first missed period.another cause,for women roughly late 30's thru early 50's,is the onset of perimenopause-hormonal changes @ this time can cause fatigue.there are many causes,but the above are very,very common ones -see ur dr.oh-and if u live in an area where lyme idsease is prevalent-that can cuse intense fatigue-i speak from experience there!good luck,feel better! ps-sleep apnea is also a biggie.

try to start with some multi vitamin.. seems liek u have nothing to do...try to look for jobs, or school, it will keep u busy and give u something ot think about apart from sleeping. and if these don't help then u have a serious problem, consult a physican.

I use to be like that, which for me, it was a drain of entergy. I started taking TotalImage Plus after breakfast each morning and that was 8 years ago and I will never not run out. I just go and go all the time and I am 71 years young doing yard work or whatever and never stop. I feel GREAT all the time now!

See your doctor, and ask for some test to be done, to rule out anaemia, diabetes, hormonal imbalance's, sleep apnoea, vitamin deficiency etc.

The symptoms you describe could be any number of condtions, some serious some not so, hence the tests the doctor runs.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon

Kristen T
You are probably depressed. I have a friend that that happened to her also, and didn't even know that she was depressed, and than went to the doctor, and that is what the doctor told her.
But I would go to the doctor and get blood work, because you could be anemic, or something could also be wrong with your thyroid.

Have you undergone a "sleep test?" It's a good way to check/treat for "Sleep Apnea," which is a potentially serious condition! This is definately something you should discuss with a Doctor!

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