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And rite now its almost 2:00 and i cant sleep!!!! Its one of those nights again!!!!
Additional Details
Well the past 3 days or so I havent been able to sleep.. This all started when I drank a monster one day and i couldnt sleep till the early morning hours. Then I went to my grandmas house and spent the night and i was sleeping on her couch and i couldtnt sleep that night either because i was stresses about something. Well then i came home the next day and fell asleep fast and was fine the next couple of days then i go back to her house and i try sleeping again on the couch and i ended laying there for hours and then i started crying and didnt pass out till 6 in the morning. Now when i come back home i cant sleep unless my mom gives my antihistame!!! What do i DO!!!!!

Turn off the computer. Now.

Eatin' Babies
Welcome to the wonderful world of insomnia!!

I know how it feels. I can't sleep unless I get drugged up. But I'm not recommending that, ok? Try some meditation, or some warm milk before you go to bed.

me too, i always sleep between 3-4 am, just wake up early, and you'll sleep early the next day

probably have a sleep disorder

This is only if your parents let you, the best way to fall asleep is to take a shot of amaretto before you brush and go to bed.

i forgot
Take a tylenol PM 30 minutes before you want to sleep haha

Left EyeBrow
Try this....lay there and tell yourself how bored you are over and over and over....

try looking at fire for a couple of hours so it makes ur eyes hurt

Spade Flamel
My best suggestion would be to eat a banana or drink chamomile tea about a half hour or so before going to bed. If you still can't fall asleep, I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist for sleeping pills. You can get a recommendation through your Doctor.

You know what i do when i cant sleep? i just jump around, go wild and sing songs until i get tired lol. Or sometimes i just watch a movie and the thing i do the most when i cant sleep is SCREAM or laugh LOL, it helps me cause after i do that, i get tired and fall asleep. Use all your energy!

Sergio S
nyquil. trust me i had those days. i stayed up for 2 nights straight and on the third night at 3 in the morn i took nyquil. relaxed and a little over 30min was out like a light. still have problems sleeping but it was a good nights rest

take a deep breath,and have a big glass of milk,the lie down and imagine your floating in the pool,and the waters just right.

Dotti Plushh.
I also cry if I can't go to sleep. :]
Try playing around wid your Ipod.
That helps for me.
Watch something funny.
Think happy thoughts. :)
&& then you'll have sweet dreams. :P

My mom uses the drowsy antihistamine trick too and it usually works. Some other tricks are drinking chamomile tea, listening to soothing music, turning off all the lights and lying still, reading a really boring book.

Ashley Mae
I'm having the same problem. It's because you're stressing about life. I'm currently taking 2 Tylenol PM "Simply Sleep" pills. It's non-habit forming and it does the trick fast. Good luck!

Hi i also had these problems i went to the Doctor, each individual is different eh i was very Depressed for a number of reasons i now take antidepressant's named Trazadone which has a sedative included this being wonder-full for me, this drug has no street value like sleeping tablets that don't work for me personally anyway, please take on bored if one does have a sleeping problem such as sleeping every three to four nights as i had then the mind eventually Gert's affected and one tends to imagine all sorts of weird things...My advice is go and Speak to your G.P try writing down how your affected this way you will not come away later going Ahhhhh I forgot to say such & such , Good Luck .

Close your eyes, then it is quiet
You can listen to a melodious music

Wish you all night!! Have a good day- My friends^^

well i would advise you to push yourself to stay up all nite and day keep your mind buy to stay up then wen your real tire at like 9 pm the next day your internal clock will reset and you will go too sleep at 9 from now on

Roy Hapert
1. Stop drinking caffeine.

2. Start exercising or otherwise tiring yourself out.

3. Start your day from 7-9 AM, end it at 10-midnight. Good long days mean good, restful nights.

4. Sleep on a bed or something that is very comfy. Sounds like grandma's couch isn't the best thing for you.

5. Don't eat anything 2 hours before you go to sleep.

6. Taking a shot or two of hard alcohol right before you go to bed will help (it's called a 'nightcap') If you don't drink alcohol, drink something warm or hot, just not anything sweet like cocoa. Warm milk is an old favorite.

7. Listen to some music to drown out persistent thoughts or a racing mind.

8. If nothing works and you can't sleep, get up. Don't just lay there. Get up and do something until you feel tired again.

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