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 Do you sometimes not like to sleep?
I have mild insomnia. When I do sleep, I'll wake up 3 hours later bored out of my mind but not really wanting to go back to sleep. It's like my body is rejecting sleep?
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 Tylenol PM...this is long, but I need advice, should I get professional help?
Sorry, this is long, but I am so confused...I'll have to add more info, just a sec

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 do you think health is a right or a previlege?

 If you need glasses and don't wear them immediately, will your eyesight get WORSE?

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 I'm going to get an MRI done for my back Thursday morning, how long does it normally take, can i bring a book?

 How do you personally get to sleep?
Is there something that you visualise or imagine that always get you snoring?...

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 Do smelling salts really work if someone faints?
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 Can you drink alcohol while on prevacid? Help?
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 my friend does not have Insurance and needs help with perscription cost. Any thoughts?

 Does anyone hallucinate when they take Ambien? I can not sleep on it, I just trip!?

 Can Cholesterol Levels Be Too Low?
I have always heard that 150 is a good number for total cholesterol.
I don't know any ratios of mine, but my total cholesterol is 101. Is this low? IS there any risks associated with low ...

Turdo Sita
I'm running a fever of 101... but I don't feel sick, just really tired... What could be the reason?
And I've already had my period, so it's not that.
Additional Details
Oh Crickey... It's Foreigner... :-/

Liz™ ®
Darn I was going to say, your preg...
If it doesn't go down by tomorrow, see a Doc
Okay Kate, kate,KAte, please, this is not your mother speaking!!

Tanya H
You could have mono, hon, go to your doctor. You obviously have some type of infection, thus the fever, but we can't tell you whether it is viral or bacterial- you need to see a doctor for that.

Recital Vinylist
Is it 'starve a fever, feed a cold, or starve a cold ,feed a fever'? I forget..
But how is your sleep cycle? Ya gotta sleep Turdawannabedabeedlinamama; sleep is when your body does it's repairs...and cut out the processed foods and high fructose corn syrup..fresh fruit in the morning..veggies at night...you're way too young to be sick....so stop that!

MadMike The White
Maybe this is why:

Virus or infection in the body. Go to the doctor.

Needs some help!
Do u get enough sleep?
Are you overstressing your self?
Have you been in contact with some one sick?
Is your thermometer busted?

Sometimes your body might do this to get your attention that you aren't doing something right which might be the reason u feel like this

it`s luv 4 your cat. Like I wuvvv mine too. (go to a doc hun)

You're hot blooded?

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