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How to get rid of stubborn ear wax?
I've heard of candling, warm water, warm olive oil, hydrogen peroxide. But what is the best method to get rid of ear wax without seeing your doctor?

Q-Tips all the way!!

tynesha c
get some q-tips and clean them out.

Candling.. You can buy them at GNC work great. My husband does them as well as my mil and you should see what comes out pretty nasty...

I like the ear candles myself. They cannot hurt you at all. Perfectly safe and nothing goes IN your ear. The smoke from the candle pulls the wax out and into the candle itself. Cool and very relaxing. You do need to have someone hold it for you. Can't do it yourself.

Mark Twain O
By a container of Debrox at a drug store. You can also try warm olive oil into your year.

Alot of treatments can cause deafness....go to ototekloop.com and check this out. You should be able to buy this at Walgreens or CVS stores. It is a small instrument used to remove wax in a safe matter. It's up to you though. You can buy a single package for $6.99.

Apply a couple of drops of warm Olive Oil 2x daily for 4-5 days, then apply olive oil 1x daily (at night) and sodium bicarbonate ear drops 1x daily (in the morning) for 3-4 days. This should clear your ears. For maintainance treatment, apply olive oil drops 2x weekly.

When putting drops in your ears, put your head on one side, and apply the drops to the upper ear. Keep your head in this position for 5 mins, before treating the other ear.

Do not put cotton wool into your ears, as this just absorbs the oil, rather than it working on the wax.

OK so lets set this straight. I've looked in people's ears with an otoscope and cleaned them until there was nothing in there. (Its easy to see all the way in with the scope). Then applied ear candles and magically it appeared as though all this stuff was coming out. ITS THE CANDLE WAX!!! The candle wax melts and runs down to the bottom of the funnel. Ear candles are the single biggest rip off out there. There really is no other product of any kind that is a bigger joke.

You will always have more and more ear wax produced, its supposed to work that way. Sorry if its a nuisance.

Candling is dangerous and does not remove the ear wax. The best at home is over the counter earwax removal drops. Apply daily for severe impaction of wax.

Rick W
Generally, I like homeopathic stuff, but I've tried ear candling twice, and both times I ended-up with an inner-ear infection. (Otitis Media)
It looks neat, but I was not convinced that all that gooey stuff actually came from my ears. As much as I'd like to believe that ear candling works, I think the modern Internet has proven that it doesn't. (Use Google images and search for ear candling)
I will probably not try it again out of fear of another infection.

I've also tried Hydrogen Peroxide for ear wax, but it didn't seem to do anything. Warm oils probably do the best job of loosening wax - solely because of their mechanical (warmness) and chemical properites (oil & wax are similar)

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