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Luke T
How to fix Cold Sores?
Hey does anybody out there know how to fix cold sores? If you do could please tell me thank you very much.

go to your family doctor and he will prescribe a cream.there is no quick fix for cold sores but the cream really works.

First Lady
Abreeva works well.

your best bet is to get over the counter cold sore medication...or go to your doctor they might give valtrex. hope that helps

Yes. I get them too. They hurt. Most people get them because of stress. Others get them for other reasons, fever, upset stomach, etc. Most doctors say to take the protein L-Lysine to help deter the body from producing them or to help heal them. As far as a topical treatment, most apply Abreva (which cost around $16 for a tiny tube!).

I used to get them about once a month, but since I take Lysine once a day I maybe get once a year now!

Hope this helped!

Have a great day!

Suzie Homemaker
I've had them all my life since I was 8 years old. I am now 55 . There is a prescription pill you can get to keep them away. Its taken daily. I take too many pills already at my age so I don't want it. Other than that, there are just over the counter gels. I found from experience though that when you use those gels they seem to last forever ( 3 weeks ). Its more painful but, when I don't use anything they go away a little faster.

Mad Roy
Apply Herpilyn cream as directed.
Take 500-1000 mg of lysine on an empty stomach 2-3 times daily
Take a good multiple vitamin daily with food.

Ms. Lee
keep it clean and put Vaseline on it


There is cold sore medicine over the counter at the drug store or pharmacy area of your grocery store. One for sure I know of is Abreva it is kind of expensive but it works fast. I also use Carmex medicated lip balm that also works but not as fast.

It stings so very much, it brings tears to ones' eyes, but it's the only thing that works,~~~~~~~~put table salt on it!

Ms. Liz
Lysine. Take 2 after each meal (your typical breakfast , lunch, dinner). This really does the trick for me when I get them.

Use vitamin E 400IU. Puncture a capsule and squeeze out the oil and cover the sore with it. Do this 3 times a day around the third/fourth application, you should no longer have the pain.

By the next day- the sixth/seventh application the cold sore should be about healed.

Prevention includes-Eat lots of yogurt with active culture and drink buttermilk they both have friendly bacteria that helps to fight off the virus.

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