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 is it true we eat spiders in our sleep?
ok, i heard this from a lot of people guys..and just so you know, i have an unbelievable fear of spiders and all the other bugs, insects, whatnot..omg, i can cry. and hearing this, makes me wanna ...

 My mother died 10 days ago and I'm having a hard time coping. What can I do to get through this awful time?
Additional Details
My mother died of cancer. We didn't know she had it until the end of June and we only found out ...

 Is there something safer to smoke than tobacco.?
I have been smoking shisha, a type of tobacco, for a few years now on rare occasion. I do not smoke anything else, but enjoy the sensation and the social opportunities that smoking out of a hookah ...

 What is a good way to get more sleep?
So i am only 16, but lately i've been having some trouble with going to sleep and staying asleep. I fall asleep around 12ish and wake up at most 5 times a night. Then at school i feel weak and ...

 Why do I sleep so much?
I am a healthy 19 year old and I drink plenty of water, am not overweight, rarely drink alcohol and am somewhat active. I end up sleeping a full nights sleep and staying exhausted during the day. If I...

 I am tired ALL the time!!! Doesn't matter how much sleep i get.?
ok, i am tired all the time, even when i've had plenty of rest. yes, i tend to stay up late, however i always get enough sleep. i hardly feel motivated. id love to have more energy, because ...

 Whats worse, smoking tobacco in a 'roll up' or smoking cigarettes?
I switched from cigarettes to roll ups a few years ago, and each roll up i smoke is about half the the amount of a normal cigarette. Cigarettes seem to smell stronger and last longer. So, in other ...

 What drink makes you pee the most?
my friend's pee won't come out......

what drink can she drink that will make her pee?

 Does Lying awake with your eyes closed count as sleeping at all?
If you lie in the dark in complete silence, but you are awake, does this count as sleeping at all?...

 The Longest You've Been Awake?
How long have you stayed up strait, no sleep inbetween, and what was it like ?...

 in the past 2 days ive slept for about 2 hours i cant fall asleep no matter how hard i try! any reason why?
the past 2 days i have slept right last night i slept for ju over an hour and the night before about half an hour im not sure what is causing this.?...

 Do you ever have that feeling in your mouth where you think you're going to vomit?
I dont know if anyone had that feeling, but sometimes after i eat either cholcolate or milk, i get this weird sensation in my mouth where I feel like vomiting. My mouth basically starts to salivate a ...

 Does anyone else do this?
I wait until i have to pee reaaaallllllyyyyy bad, then i do sit ups and jumping jacks and see how long i can hold it in. I also put rags in my underwear to soak up any spurts or ...

 my 3 year old son has like 8-10 little blisters on his tongue he's slobing alot and its hurting him what?
could it be they are like the little blister we sometimes get on our tongue but he has like 8 of them
Additional Details
they are ...

 Its 5.30am and i can't sleep, any ideas?
Im tired but i can't sleep, and im working tonight so i should be.Any helpful hints for noding back ...

 Really bad sore throat....?
Starting on Sunday morning I had this nasty sore throat and then later in the day I got a fever and even threw up once...last night I didn't sleep well because of this obviously and today I just ...

 i cant sleep can u help?
cant sleep :( tried unisum sleep aid melitonin hypno breathing vicodin aromitherapy and still cant fall asleep sometimes ill go up to a week with no sleep at all other times it just takes me 4 or 5 ...

 Even if I sleep approximately 7-8 hours a night, I'm still tired in the morning? What is wrong with me?
I'm 27. Back in college, I'd be able to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night and feel perfectly energized in the morning. It's true that I'm a BIT older now, but I feel like these ...

 i can never fall asleep at night, idk what to do!?

 i can't wake up in the mornings, my alarm doesnt even wake me, any suggestions?

"Kh a a a a a n n" ! !
How old is OLDEST cigarette smoker that you know (or have ever met)?
I met a steady half-a-pack-a-day smoker today. He's 96! Couldn't believe it. He said he's smoked the same brand since he was 15 years old.

But don't read too much into that. I also know three people who, in the last five years, have died of smoking related illnesses and the oldest of them was 52.

Bea Zar
he just turned 80

Natty M
my aunt used to smoke a carton a week! shes in her late 50s . shes cut back alot since she has grandkids, but its still at least 3-4 packs a week.

LOL my grandma is 82 and has been smoking 1-2 packs a day since she was 14. not even joking. and she has never had lung cancer

The only person I can think of at the moment is my grandma. She was diagnosed with colon cancer at 73. Ever since then she stopped smoking. I'm not sure when she started, but I know she smoked for a really long time.

grandma 72

110 years.ukraine.

smoking won't always kill you that is for sure but it is also for sure that you will get emphasema if you live and smoke long enough and the health isssues that can result from that are really bad too....but to answer the question, my parents and grandparents quit when they turned 60, my grandparents both lived into their 90's, and my parents are still living.

The generation in their 20's now is the first generation that is not expected to live longer than the one before. This scares me and has nothing to do with smoking.....

well my neighbor down the road,was 102 and smoked tow packs a day

My dad was 52 and my mother was 67. Operable word is "was". They're both gone now because of smoking. How sad, I miss them :(

★ Ðяєäмíŋg Ôυт Łøυ∂ ♥
What!? lol omg...thats...wow...my grandparents used to smoke when they were young and both had multiple types of cancer! But they fought it all and haven't smoked since forever...

84 ... that i have actually met



The oldest person i have ever known who smoked was 79 when he died.
96 is very impressive for a smoker i'm surprised as well.

56 and she always smells like smoke. And breathes likeif she's about to die its so sad :(

Chelsea T
My grandma, still smoking at 85, but now at 86 is dying of lung cancer D:

Racist Answer Man
91. She was the only patient you ever saw out smoking with the nurses behind the home.

Ummm... 79 I think.


Yeah, got one better on a slightly different topic. Worked as an addiction's counsellor and had a bunch of very young guys in there. I'm tellin em all about what alcohol turns into :acetaldehyde which is a poison. It will kill you. Then I get paged to go get a new admission, brought him up into group and he sat in the back of the room. Suddenly, the nurse runs in to get him and they leave. His blood alcohol level is .40-he carried in his own suitcase and he is 86 yrs old. How, then, was I to convince a roomful of 18 yr olds that alcohol would kill them? Of course, there is the story about the 14 yr old boy who by that age had the tolerance of an 86 yr old and he had ruined his liver. Without a new one he'd be dead in 6 months. He was. Tolerance is different for everyone.

Brown eyed girl
my dad smoked until he died at age 69, my mother is now 68 and has been smoking since age 17. smoking killed my dad and smoking will kill my mom, too.

Nice one
102. Friends great-great grandpa. If you don't die from smoking it will be something else. Now some cancers are from viruses so I guess all of those were told it was smoking but now it was just wrong place wrong time. Many of the older ones I have met smoke, drink & do what you shouldn't. The difference is they are all happy & grateful people. Never met a sour old one yet! Happy seems to make you live longer. Do what makes you happy!

I lost my grandmother, mom, dad and oldest brother to cancer from heavy cigarrette smoking. Grandmother was 70, mom was 63, dad was 72 and brother was 52. Amazing this guy is 96 and still smoking.

Sometimes a devil may care attitude is the best - it's the ones who are depressed, negative and who worry alot who seem to be targeted for deadly diseases.

i met someone who was born in 1911 and is still lighting up

my great uncle he started smoking since he was 14 years old and never was able to quit...frankly i dont think he wants to! But me and my brother used to hide his cigaretts from him. Anyway hes 96 now and still fine...!!!


My mother's friend mother died at 86 last year from lung cancer but she was a smoker for many years. Oh and she was diagnosed with lung cancer last year also.

great grandpa...89?


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