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Tater Salad
How much does the average hospital room cost per night?

Additional Details
They are billing me $2500 a night for a regular room, no ICU or anything like that.

Not a damned thing where I live. Hooray for government controlled, socialised medicine!!!!

*high fives the canadian poster*

in Canada? costs me nothing

Desert Dweeb
In Southern California, $900 a night and up.

Susie QZ
Of course it depends upon the hospital and the area in which it is located, but I would say a ball park figure would be $400/day.

about 1000$ if you stay over night and have general tests done. $200? lol it cost me that just to walk in the door.

Hi Tarter,
Hospital bills are over the head anymore..It ran Me last year for a night $369.00 and for what? Nothing!!! The nurse i had didn't do her job right and would set down in the chair in My room, when she suppose to be doing something!!!This is in the West in California..
She was suppose to watch Me for that night,i was having problems with My Heart and My doctor order over night stay in the hospital..
Your Friend,

I think a lot depends on the severity of your condition and the type of room they put you in :)

200 dollars

I am truly grateful I am able to answer this question with I do not know, have been very lucky and knocking on wood as I type. knock knock

Bad Kitty!
Just the semi-private room itself? Depending on where you live, anywhere from $300 - $500 or more.

As for the "free" hospital rooms in Canada, I'm surprised that there are Canadians who don't realize they ARE paying for health care by way of income taxes, and in some provinces, monthly premiums. Wait times for specialists, diagnostic tests, and surgery average from four weeks to an upper limit three months (except in life-threatening situations).

Just to set the record straight ... socialized health care isn't "free."

Demon Rules the House
Semi private rooms and you have insurance in Texas begin at 325.00 oer night at most of our hospitals.

Now, if you request a private room, that is 995.00 per night.

If it is a privately owned large hospital as HCA network, it costs you almost double for everything, tests, rooms, meals, no kidding, they are not regulated at all.

What one place charges 325.00 semi private, privately own can charge you 500.00 + a night......and that is silly,

A CT at regular hospital is 1200.00 at privately owned here is 2100.00 for the same tests.

Moral of this, make sure it is not privately owned and run by a corp of hospitals.....it is so much cheaper if it is not.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

Nurse Susie ♥ hugs
The 2 hospital here are owned by the same company and only have private rooms that begin about $400. They FINALLY are building a 3rd one and that is NOT owned by the same company...so we will see what happens then.

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