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 Can Sleeping Pills affect regular Sleep? Or be addictive?
I don't think i could go to bed without taking them anymore. Last time I didn't take some i was lying in bed for 2 hours, my mind wide awake. Could it be just a mental thing? I feel I can�...

 what kind of symptom/ problem is this? How can it be treated?
I have a sleeping problem these days. When I go to sleep, I wake up in the middle of the night feeling that I am low oxygen in my brain/ head. I have little dizzy problem in the middle of night, ...

 Ideas to avoid constant illness and/or boost the immune system?
I get sick every 3 - 5 weeks. It usually involves a cold/sore throat. Just recently I got the flu twice in a 4 week period. Is there anybody out there that experiences the same thing? I've tried ...

 What, if anything, is the difference between a cold sore and a canker sore?
and dose anyone know a good treatment for them ......

 a little disgusting but, why are my feces green? this is really bothering me.. please mature answers only!!!!!
okay, this may be a really odd question, but i have not eaten anything leafy or green in a long time, but i have been drinking this grape juice, its just a generic juice mix, sorta like cool-aid.......

 tinnitus in left ear getting louder?
I have a bit of tinnitus in both ears but recently my left has been getting progresively louder everyday for the past week and blocking up entierly occasionally.

i've been putting ...

 How can i stay awake??
I am fifteen i work at TCC and am alway's soo tired at work at school at home no matter what I go to bed at 12 and i wake up at 10!!!! I need to know is there some kind of exercises that i can ...

 Fluid in tip of elbow?
I have a job that is physically demanding. I cut 70 lb chunks of rubber (like very think molasses). At the tip of the elbow I use to do the cutting there is fluid. There is no pain. My other ...

 How much damage could you do to a knee?
if you fell on your knee and it twisted and then a year later you fell on your knee again and hurt it?

Would that make your knee worse or do something different to it?

I don'...

 For the past 36 hrs or so everything I drink makes me have to pee?
I don't think i am drinking anymore then i usually do, but everytime i take a drink of anything about 20 mins or so later i have to pee and bad. And when i go its not just a little.......anybody ...

 getting headaches often?why?
ok ive recently been getting lots of headaches 3 to 4 a week mainly when its sunny (even when im indoors). i hate taking painkillers unless its unbareble then i have to.
could my eyes have ...

 what in the world am i doin awake at 430?
i love sleep and yet im still awake. I dont get it....

 why some people eat slow?
I have a cousin who is always the last one to get up from the table. At first I just thought she was avoiding in picking up and helping in washing the dishes. She eats too slow and usually finishes ...

 hi friends.i have a really big problem with my sleeping.?
i sleep about 8 hours a day in bed and about 4 or 5 hours a day while i am studying. i have a really big exam ,intrance exam for university,i have tried hard for this exam,now whitin 30 days to that ...

 I have a very tense boyfriend (advice?)?
Just yesterday he was telling me thats hes allways gritting his teeth. Lets put it this way he is so tense that you can feel it when he touches you with his hands, and it can hurt! This has to be ...

 how long does it take an average person to quit smoking?

 Sleeping and Napping?
How come that when you sleep at night you sleep all night and when you take a nap you sleep for a couple of hours?...

 I have one cig left,I plan on quitting after I smoke that....any helpful tips?
I've said this plenty of times...but I'm willing to actually try this time...any help would really be appreciated.

Thanks. :)...

 Are you due to visit hospital?
If you are due to visit hospital. Especially for an operation or any form of treatment. It would be nice, if you are happy with the way you are treated to let hospital staff know.If you didnt like ...

 What is this?
I blacked out just a few minutes ago...now it feels like I have a fever ..what could it be, and how do I fix it?
Additional Details
I'm very dizzy right now..
I was crying when ...

How much Magnesium can you take per day?
I am currently taking Magnesium supplements to correct symptoms of Magnesium deficiency.

How many milligrams of magnesium is safe to take per day? I've heard anywhere from 400-1000mg per day, so as of now I'm assuming that you just shouldn't take more than 1000mg?

Thanks :)

Susan Yarrawonga
The recommended daily allowance of magnesium is 600 mg per day.

If you take 1,000 mg per day that could be regarded as the maximum amount that you can safely take.

If you take large amounts of magnesium you might also need to take a calcium supplement as calcium and magnesium interact and too much of one can cause a deficiency of the other one due to preferential absorption of the one that is present in excess at the expense of the other one. For every 600 mg of magnesium your body needs 1,000 mg of calcium.

A lot of magnesium and calcium supplements actually contain both magnesium and calcium in the same tablet.

Organic magnesium such as magnesium amino acid chelates or magnesium orotate is absorbed better than inorganic magnesium such as magnesium carbonate or magnesium oxide.

Cutting Ties
1,000 mg per day

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