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Debbie's angel
How long should I stay awake after a fall and hurt my head ?
It was at accident but I hit it got hit pretty badly and I am that but I'm worried about that something happening, thank for all you help >)

I have asked you to go to the doctor,did you?

Oh, really, oh dear, i am sorry debbie.... head injury is always bad... hope you have got the medicines from your doctor... may be too much sleep is making you dizzy... hope you have someone with you... why dont you ask your brother to spend the day with you, so that if you feel dizzy again somebody will be there to rush you to the hospital... i am sorry i am late in answering .... is your head still hurting? please dont take it lightly. head injury can lead to lots of other problems.. like somebody said above why dont you get a CT - scan done ?.. i will pray for you ...xoxoxo

summer bear
I'm pretty late seeing this, so I just hope you're okay.

I would stay awake for at least another 2-3 hours but if your head is still hurting, phone your doctor for advice, some simple first aid may be all that you need. Not sure if you have a similar service to what we have here in the UK, we have an NHS direct phone number that we can call to get advice from nurses/doctors/advisors, explaining our symptoms they then advise you whether or not you should go to hospital or treat it with self-help. Where you are probably has something similar to this.

Don't lie down ! ! ! ! ! !
See a doctor as soon as possible as a precaution

you need to go to the doctors just in case you have done some damage you never know what a small fall might get you in to

the eco warrior
visit the doctor

Sorry to hear sweety.
Hope nothing has happened to you.
Just move on and sleep well at night.

i am sorry that happened i am happy to hear your ok
rest well you should be ok

Get a CT-scan immediately

ask your head please who is hurt.when your head will feel better will let you sleep. thanks,.

Kitty 2
Well if you feel fine and dont feel sleepy i think you will be ok. If you have doubts go see a doctor.

The bad news - I'm 17 hours late in answering this question
The good news - you just answered a couple of mine so it means that you're alright!!!

Bruising on the brain is nothing to mess with!!!

Drop short and duck
Is there any sign of blood in your ears or are you dizzy blurry eyed then call a doctor or go to causality you may have some delayed concussion there my good friend,

Please, I know I am just seeing this now and it has been six hours, but I hope you called a neighbor and went to the doctor. You really should not be alone. Hope you come back on here and tell us you had it checked and are okay and resting. Did you call your brother? He would want you to, you know. Take care of yourself. I will check back with you. ((((((HUGS))))))

Oh Deb! You should see your doctor ASAP! You sound like you might have concussion. Better safe than sorry, call the doc babe.

Hope you are alright!

Get to the doctor straight away. No offence, but from the way you've worded your question, it sounds like you're disoriented already. You might just be still a bit dazed, but a visit would discount possible concussion. Wishing you nothing but good thoughts. All the best. :)

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