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 Vicks Sinex Directions?
The directions are pretty confusing for me to understand. It says "2 or 3 sprays in each nostril, not more often than every 10 to 12 hours. Do not exceed 2 doses in 24 hours."


 what does it mean when someone has the initials PA-C after their name?
what does PA-C means?...

 I've been smoking long time and now I wanna stop it. Could you advice me the way?

 Felt incredibly dizzy and nauseous. Almost passed out. Why?
Okay so today I was in the shower and had the water on really hot. After a few minutes it was kind of hard to breathe so I turned down the temp and was trying to finish quickly, but then I started ...

 Is Canada's health care system really better than what we have in the U.S.? How is it, or how is it not?
Many people seem to think that Hillarycare is the answer because socialized medicine works so much better in Canada... or does it? This has examples as to why it might not be the way to go, feel ...

 how long will alcohol be in my system?
I drank about 1/4-1/5 of a glass of beer last night. [Barely any] But I have piss test coming up within the next couple days. When will it be out of my system?...

 Facts on Smoking??????????????????
Like, rare facts, eg: Smoking 1 cigarette takes 11 minutes off your life (scary!! =P)

Please. Thanx. x.x.x....

 is it bad when out of no where my heartbeat jus increases for a few secs nd then goes away?
i dont feel any pain or anything like that im not sick yesterday ( the 9th) is when this started idk if it is a bad thing or not
Additional Details
well for those who asked ...

 Does anyone know what this is?
I noticed my right nipple is swollen or something. It only hurts when you touch it. I have a doctors appointment next wednesday for a check up but my dad wants to take me to the hospital tomorrow ...

 Its hard for me to stop staring and daydreaming?
Its all because of weed. I dont smoke it anymore butI never used to stare and daydream until I started smoking. I will imagine something in my head and then try to picture it and and reality at the ...

 Do you think the cost of health care would go down if there were more things a nurse could take care of?

 How accurate are those health studies you hear about on the news, for example...?
I recently heard that eating too much hot dogs can cause cancer. Personally, I don't take it seriously. should I?...

 really bad eye circles?
my under eyes are soo dark and so are my eyelids i can get 8-9 hrs of sleep each night and i work out, and drink plenty of water and they just dont disappear, i cant even not wear makeup cause its ...

 How can I sleep? Insomnia's kicking in?
I'm so paranoid for some reason, insomnia's kicking in, please tell me how to ...

 MoSt EmBaRaSiNg MoMeNt????
wats ur most embarasing moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 Can sleep apnea cause palpitations during the day?
My heart skips beats all through the day, and my
heart rate stays well above one hundred all of the
time. I have been to a cardiologist, and he gave me
a stress test and a ultrasound ...

 Why can't I move the fingers on one hand with out moving the fingers on my opposite hand?
Like it says, I cant move fingers on one hand with out moving the fingers on my opposite hand. My pinky finger is the worst, if I totally relax both hands and try to move my pinky, not only does the ...

 i cant sleep?
so, for the past week or so, ive had alot of trouble sleeping. ive tried to stop drinking energy drinks,coffee,alcohal and stuff to see if that was it,but no it wasnt.

but like, im tired,...

 What to do about a twitching eye?
my eye has been twitching about 3x a hour for the last 4 days.
what can i do to make it stop?...

 I smoked weed yesterday.. and im still high now..?
Yesterday i smoked some REALLY good stuff.
and was the highest ive ever been...
but i woke up and i was still high..
and i think its getting worse..


How do you snort cocaine?
I am doing a project on Cocaine, and I tryed everywhere to get a tutorial or basic instructions to snort cocaine. Please don't copy off of wikipedia, please use your own words. Wiki's standards on that topic are a little too high for my grade level.
thxx! ♥

What grade are you in, and what kind of project could benefit from this kind of info? More useful information would be on how addictive it is, and what it does to the body and minds of users.

The process is called 'racking up'. You put some on a plate and chop it with a credit card or razor. This is to make sure there are no lumps. You need to do a good job here.

Then you use the card/razor to move the coke into lines, thinner at one end than the other. The size depends on what you want but generally they are 3-5cm long.

You get a rolled up note or a straw, place one end inside your nostril, press your other nostril flat with your other hand (to plug it), put the straw just below the line on the thin end inhale. You move the straw along as inhale and this brings the coke into your nose.

You need to rack up on a perfectly flat surface and some people do it on a warmed plate to draw out any moisture from the humidity.

you crush it up into a fine powder. to do that you can take the rock and lay it on a hard flat surface..and put a dollar over it. now take something heavy and put fast hard pressure on top of the dollar to break up the rock. do it a couple times and then take a credit card and slide it over the dollar where the coke is to break it up more. then you scrape it off the dollar and there ya go. make a line of it and snort it. or you crush it up and get the end of a key and put it up to your nostril and sniff it in. you have to sniff kinda hard and you may have white stuff on your nostril after wards.

watch scarface!!! hands on training. dont get hooked. good luck on your project

Just crush it up real fine and make a small line with a credit card or something flat. Then find a good size tube to fit your nose well like a straw and stick it far up into your nose. Then snort, lift your head back some, making sure it goes in good. Then repeat!

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