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 ok if i smoked weed once how long will it stay in my system(i asked this before but i have somethiing else to?
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AWE I picked out my dress and shoes ...

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 I've lost my voice - how long until I get it back?
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 what medication can I use to Flush out a 12mm kidney stone without going for surgery?

 Shoulder and lung pain?
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 what could it be if my mom has swollen lips, fever, chills, and her bones and muscles ache and no energy???
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 Can women with Scoliosis have kids?
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 What can you take when you snore really bad?
ok my bf has this really bad snoring problem he sounds like a machine gun and it keeps me awake all the time he's not fat and he doesn't sleep on his back so their not the reasons . does ...

 How do I cut my cigarette cravings in regards to my "triggers"?
Driving is the worste!
Also, at work I always need a break and i use it to go have a smoke.
I'm ok at home cuz I always have stuff to keep me busy without feeling like I really NEED ...

Growing stomach- not pregnant?
I'm a fairly healthy 28 y/o female with maybe 15-20 lbs I should lose. But lately, although I seem to be losing a few pounds everywhere else my stomach actually seems to be growing! I'm starting to get irritated because I look pregnant and positively am not. Is this just because I'm getting closer to 30 and my metabollism is changing? Or some sort of deficiency maybe? Please help!

Could be a tumor... see your doctor

You got a "beer belly". Stay off the brew, including campaign and even just "burp juice" like Coke.

Keep Smilin'

Your bowel system may not be eliminating correctly. I would suggest you do a liver cleanse, eat tons of fiber and drink 64 ozs of water a day for two weeks. If that doesn't flatten your tummy, then you might want to go see your OB/Gyn and make sure you don't have fibroids in your uterus or something similar.

If you have too much salt in your diet you could be retaining water, in which case you need to cut down on crisps and procesed foods. Thata sounds the most likely reason if it is just around your stomach an not general weight gain.
To be honest, your question isnt too specific about the rate at which your stomach is growing, if it is really fast then I would suggest that you see a doctor.

water retention

this could be many of things first if all ve suffered this for 3 years my bellys always big and large you can buy yogurts that help you i forgot what there called laso go to a health shop try water retention tablets could be excess water or if your a little overweight and the tuma bit my nephew had a swollen belly and very bad belly ache he had a tuma but dont worry theres loads of reasons ime just the same

Friendly Neighbor
i need more data to answer the question effectively.

if you are excercising and eating right then it's fine. if not who knows.

I don't want to scare you but this just happened to a friend of mine and the doctors discovered a 9lb tumor in her stomach. You need to go to the doctor right now! Stop wondering and take care of yourself so you get peace of mind...good luck.

see your doctor.

Sue E
You didn't say in your post whether you have any children or not. Being pregnant causes the muscles in th stomach (abdomen) to stretch and sometimes we never get back that elasticity we once had. So if you have had children and are losing weight you may not lose it in the abdomen the way you did before and the weight loss could seem to make the abdomen more prominent. Why not take a tape measure and measure around the largest part and remeasure at the end of a week. There are many reasons why it could be larger and some have already been mentioned. Some are benign and some are a problem. If it is time for your well woman exam you may want to go ahead and make an appointment for that.

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