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 Wetting the Bed?
I have an interesting question, and please be serious about it. I am 19, and i have problems with wetting the bed.

For whatever reason, i will sleep through the night without having any ...

 if im on blood presure tablets how often should i have my blood presure checked?

 I was told I have aneimia on the phone? What does that mean?
I have to see the doctor about it soon as they just told me this on the phone. They're gonna give me a prescription as well. What does it mean? Anymore info before the appointment will be great. ...

 Does the NHS really provide health care for all? Is it really free?
I mean I know it's paid by taxes but ANYONE can get health care????? Even if you are poor or don't have enough money you don't get rejected????? I am from America and if you don't ...

 I stored my contact lenses in tap water with salt dissolved in it... Are they ok?
I slept over at someones house and I put my soft monthly lenses into glasses of tap water and put some salt in the water. I washed the lenses with tap water before I put them in. Can I get an ...

 Taking 5 year old for a Blood test. How can i keep him calm ? PLZ HELP ME?
Taking him for a Blood Test. Freaks around needles. Hates them.

Can he sit on my lap ? -that way i can comfort him & hold him still

Whats the best way - to hold him still ?...

 Recently I have found that after sleep my face is puffy and I have creases under my eyes?
What would cause this, I am 26....

 Sleep Problems?
I have problems sleeping and usually get about 3-4 hours a day...I have heard that I should be sleeping 7 hours though would it be ok it i just took enough naps during the day so that it'd add ...

 people can you PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
my bum holes itchy....what should i do?
Additional Details
iv done all of that but it still itches! and burns when i looked in the mirror it looked like a rusty bullet hole....

 How can my allergic girlfriend and my cats share the house?

 What time is a good time to sleep?
I sleep at 12:00...

 What is your favourite bean?

 I get dizzy when i stand up sometimes what is happening?
The thing is its after a big meal, or a snack so hunnger isnt doing it. Sometimes i will flat out faint for a couple seconds....

 Is bubble gum harmful to health?
i love chewing them,but recently somewhere i read that it's harmful for health.
is bubble gum harmful?
i use to chew them everyday!
Additional Details
no unnecessary ...

 quick cures for blisters?
what the best way to get rid of a water blisters from my new trainers, i've popped it but the water comes back?...

 Should I worry about my hand being numb sometimes...?
When I sleep, I usually have my arm bent and under my pillow... and sometimes when I wake up my whole hand is completely numb... it goes away after get up and use it some but is it supposed to do ...

 Is having a migraine a good enough reason too stay off school?
It is causing my eyes too hurt and blur....

 Are there any exercises to make yourself taller?
I don't want to sound really stupid by asking this but I'm 18 and when I was about 3 or 4, my doctor said I would be tall when I am older. I'm 5ft 4", which I know is not too tall....

 Any good tips for making yourself fall asleep?
I haven't been able to sleep during the night this past week...I'll usually just lay in bed all night trying to sleep then actually fall asleep at 8AM. Classes start back this week and I...

 Cause of swallowing problems?
Since childhood, I've sometimes found myself unable to breathe while I'm sleeping. It seems that my saliva goes down the windpipe while swallowing.

This also happens while I'...

Do you ever hear music in your sleep?
I'm not talking about the radio being on, or you have your ipod plugs in your ear. I'm talking about in your dreams, or just music playing in your sleep. Sometimes it's songs that you know, other times, they are things you've never heard of. Does this ever happen to you? Where do you think they come from?

Over obsessed twilight fan‚ô•
well, when you go to sleep, all your senses shut down. Your eyesight of course, your smell, and i think your hearing aswell. Maybe your just dreaming it?

sushi gnome.
i dont know but i had this dream where i got off at the wrong bus stop and i kept walking to the same place but a different part of it every time. Anyways, it was at a daycare and the kids kept singing this song every time i was there, but they weren't moving their mouths.

need to know
yes last night it was helo in my dream

yeah it's like I'm listin to an Ipod, but I'm not. ..wait what ? ;o

same place dreams come from. your brain

I have heard songs when I am sleeping some of them I know & others never heard before
not sure why but the brain sure can do a lot when your in dream land

sugar baby
I have never heard music, but I am heard talking or other sounds. I have heard people talking to me or knocking on the door. The funny part is I talk back to the people, except I talk aloud and wake myself up with my own talking, or my boyfriend wakes me up laughing at me for talking in my sleep.

well sometimes you listen to certain songs to Much that you play it in your mind and dreams and if you didn't even heard that song before that's because you have a taste for good music

Derek W
yeah, and it comes from the same place the rest of your dreams come from...just a random firing of neurons in your brain.

I remember once I was dreaming of this tune that I had never even heard before........then later I reailzed it's a background theme from Three 6 Mafia's lolli.

Your senses don't shut down when you sleep. (If they did you'd never wake up. -.- )

But, typically when someone sleeps, a song that they know, or just some randomized music/lyrics will pop in there. It's not really anything you can control at that time, but it's absolutely normal.

I sleep with my music on usually anyway. So it's not strange that when I don't, music will run over in my head.

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