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Do wounds heal better covered or uncovered?
Covered with a band-aid and anti-septic cream or totally uncovered?

Thanks in advance.

A dressing of some sort is good initially to help keep it from getting infected, but once the wound has scabbed over, leaving it open will help it heal faster.

▐ Alex▐
Uncovered when they are covered they stick to the band aid and you just rip the scab off along with the band aid.

I always though uncovered heals faster, but there is a greater risk of getting an infection, so it's better covered.

I'm not a doctor though.

Only use a band-aid if you're outside or you're in an area with a lot of dust or pollen or whatever. First wash your wound with a little water. Then, use a cream at first then leave it uncovered. Wounds heal better uncovered.

wash the wound with plenty of water make sure there arent any foriegn particles(dust,hair,cloth fibres etc)then apply some antibiotic ointment like neosporin and keep the wound covered....daily change of dressing to be done till scab formation..then u can leave it open till it dries and falls off!

I can tell you, being accident prone... with many, many cuts/wounds etc., that during the initial couple of days, use antibiotic cream (neosporin etc) with a band-aid. Wounds not only heal faster, you're left with much less (if any) scarring. The manufactures actually advertise "less scarring", & from my own experiences, it is absolutely true! After 2-3 days, you can remove bandage & complete the healing process. I only wish I found antibiotic cream sooner... I would have a lot less scars! :)

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