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 things besides drugs that make you fall asleep fast?

 How can I make my eyes sparkle and be brighter?
They used to be really clear and bright but these days they are all bloodshot and dull. I don't smoke or drink and I eat ok, so what is causing this? I would really like to know how to make them ...

 Can you build up an immunity?
to bee stings ( wasps, hornets, yellow jackets)? How many times can you get stung before you become immune? I want to know also, and I'm referring to the bees that I've mentioned, if a ...

 Sleep Help?
I'm fed up, everynight I say to myself "Right I'll go to bed at 10pm" but I never do. I can't bring myself to go to sleep. It's 1:32pm right now and I'm so tired ...

 Constipation help? =/?
I've never had problems with constipation before, but today i just got it really bad. About 10 this morning I tried to go, and it hurt and everything, so I just drank some water and tried a ...

 urgent smoking survey for smokers and non-smokers please fill in, i need at least 50 people it is due 2 days!?
hey i am a university student studying psychology and we have to do this survey for 2 days time please please fill this in smokers and non-smokers i know it looks like a lot to answer but i promise ...

 In the UK Can u b put to sleep via tablet for a short while while a blood test is done? I have phobia?
Serious question...I understand it's easier for some, I need a blood test and has severe symptoms but MY phobia is so severe.

Can a tablet put me to sleep while they take the blood?...

 really really tired now??
just to say nite nite you all, iv'e had enough, it's 4.00am and i can't take any more!! back 2mrw though!!...

 what are some good ways to clear up skin.. like acne...or get rid of acne scars?
i've had acne since the 5th grade and ive tried soo much stuff.. now im a junior in highschool and i havent seen my face pimple free since 5 years ago... [[its genetic..my mom and dad had bad ...

 I'm Coughing up blood?
It hurts. Any advice please?...

 i travelled in an airplane for the first today..i experienced pain in my ears and my ears felt very numb why?
is that ok?i mean is that natural or is something wrong with me?...

 Really tired and hungover at work. Help!?
Can anyone help me perk up and get rid of this nausea I am feeling at work at the moment. I feel like I can't function properly and I really need to pep up as I have to take the minutes for the ...

 Hi if I put my eatable ready to eat food on the top of the trash can and use trash can as food serving Table?
Hi I have a question if I put my eatable ready to eat food on the top of the trash can and use trash can as food serving table what are the risk of spreading food born illness and what kind of ...

 why do i sleep so soundly when it rains?
i typically add 1-2 hours to my night of sleep if it rains for at least 2 hours during my ...

 One of my good freinds has been smoking weed everyday for the last two months.?
Before the two months he use to smoke it once in a while ( like Once a week.) I want to know the effects of his constent use if there is any. Also is it true that weed causes a stunt in growth....

 Blood drawn, now giant bruise?
I had some blood drawn on Friday morning and now there's a big black bruise the size of a very large egg (not a lump, just black surface that size.) It seems to be growing and is tender. Am I ...

 Do you get a cold if you don't dress up warmly in winter?
Is it true or a myth that being cold can make you get' a cold'? Is it lowering the body temp.that make you more susceptible to a cold?Why? What exactly is a cold?...

 How can I get rid of a migraine when I ran out of the medication I usually take? I work soon, any advice?

At what age did you start masterbating and what age do you think is a good age for the generations after you? Why do you think it is good or bad?
Additional Details
okay I dont think it ...

 I bought the Allen Carr book " Easy way to quit smoking " do you think it works?
I read the whole book last night, and its wiered i have totally change my thoughts on cigarettes. I have had some withdrawl symtons but nothing major, i keep telling my self i dont need to smoke and ...

joker jester
Do people tend to lash out on the ones they love the most?
lash out = take there anger out on

i think so when i was younger i always took my anger out on my mom and sister that two ppl i lived with and loved most inthe word i had a rought teenage life but im 17 now and realizing i don't have to take my anger out on them because i don't have to be mad i have to much i wanna do and accomplish in life to be mad its a waist of energy....

Yes, I believe it's due to being more comfortable around the ones you love the most.

Johnny Midknight
It's very simple... when we love individuals we expect a lot from them; sometimes more then we should. And when our expectations are let down or become disappointed in a loved one it cause a lot of people to get angry. Mostly due to the fact that we love them and think that they love us; so why would they try hurt us? And just this thought can provoke anger (which psychologist say is close to love). Really; when we think why would they do this, we should understand that people do things unintentionally or without thinking their actions though clearly. They are only human and they will make mistakes.... We just have to learn to be more forgiving.

Yes, I believe they do, especially when they are having a bad day or they aren't feeling well. I know I do. I have been having some medical problems the last few weeks, and I have been really nervous and the least little things gets on my nerves so bad. I just loose it and snap at my family and husband.

Yes, definitely. Being around your loved ones constantly can be quite redundant and may lead to "comfortable hostility". When you are amongst a group of people that you're comfortable with, it's easier to lash out because you know how they will react. Conversely, around strangers or people you're not comfortable with, you may have a tendency to hold back aggressive emotion.

Of course.....if you cant depend on venting on those you love...who can you vent on?

Thats what family is for. During lashing out is when one can grow and learn an awful lot about themselves, and family and loved ones are required for that.

Sounds stupid but take it from a former SPAZ.....if it wasnt for my family, I'd probably be sitting in a bell tower somewhere with a rifle...hehehehhe

But my family put up with my "lashings" and helpped teach me that what I was doing wasn't normal but they were my family and they continued to lead by good example until I grew into the person that I am now.

always, and at any age, it's just the way it is. Crankiness is one thing, but anything more than that should NEVER be tolerated. I usually don't answer the person and try to fix a problem, I just listen and say "yeah, I hate that. If it's more than I can bear I just say "I don't like your tone, bring it down a little or talk to me later about it when your a little less loud" and walk away. It makes it more important that you stand up for yourself especially when its not YOU. and walking away makes a statement "I know your in a crappy mood, but it ain't me." Gives yourself a little more respect. Don't argue, just walk away and talk about it later if they have a problem. I usually clean a lot when my husband gets moody LOL

i think so. they are the closest ones and when there is no one else to recieve it, guess who gets it.

There is old saying: "Familiarity breeds contempt"

Ain't it good to be able to come and vent err lash out?

Just say "Can't you use lash your toungue in a better way?

yeah. because you know your limits and theirs.
we wouldnt walk down the street and lash out on a stranger , you dont know what they may do.
try not to see it as lasing out, but rather , expressing your emotions.

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