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Aiden's Momma
Could I be dehydrated even though my urine is clear?


Does diabetes run in your family? A symptom of diabetes Mellitus (type 2) is constant thirst. Your body isn't absorbing proper nutrients and sugars so you keep urinating out the water leaving you still feeling dehydrated. I'd suggest going to your doctor just incase

No. if your urine runs clear, thats a sure bet you are well hydrated. If it starts turning dark yellow though, start hitting the H20 fast.

Urine is not supposed to be clear sugar. It's supposed to be a light yellow color. You may want to go to the Dr. and find out why it's clear. I don't believe it's got anything to do with dehydration...to be sure you are dehydated, check your skin. Take a fingernail or something equally sharp and scratch your skin with it. If the skin just gets scratched, your cool, if your skin flakes up, you are dehydrated.

A better way to check for dehydration is to assess skin turgor and your mucous membranes. Pinch the skin on you arm, if it immediately goes back flat (to an unpinched state) then your turgor is ok, if it stays "tented" you may be dehydrated. Also you can check you mucous membranes, these are body parts that should be moist, such as: inside of lips, conjunctiva (around the eyes), etc. If these are moist and your turgor is ok then you are probably not dehydrated. Urine should be clear and yellow but unless you have access to a lab that can perform a urinalysis and tell you the specific gravity it is hard to tell if someone is dehydrated just by looking at the urine. By the way are you thirsty? If so, then drink some water - keep yourself hydrated. If you have any more concerns - see a medical practitioner.

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