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 tingling sensation on top of head?
i was at work sitting in a meeting. after the meeting i went back to my desk and was being trained by my supervisor. all of a sudden the top of my head felt really hot and tingly, i broke out into ...

 Sleep paralysis?! Do u have this happening to u?
10min ago I wokeup.. I had it and I hate it so much.. Only fell asleep 40min ago! I have had it a lot during the last few years...since I was younger.,am 22 now and still get it!

Am ...

 What can I do to feel better today?
I only had 3 hours of sleep last night and I just can't nap because of things I have to do. I have had 2 mugs of coffee, I get jittery if I drink more than that....

 I have a question about trans-fats?
Ok, I am 13 years old and i am a girl, I am 5'5 and weigh 115 pounds, now I do not think I am overweight, I seem pretty healthy but lately I have noticed that i have been eating quite a bit of ...

 chapped lips?
how can i get rid of chapped lips? ive been applying chap stick constantly...but no vaseline or anything...because thats not any good

what can i do?!...

 Can drinking honey with water or honey and lemon with water help with digestion?

 What will make me fall asleep?
I can't sleep, no matter what I try. This has been going on for a few weeks. I go to bed with hubby but lay there wide awake for like an hour and finally get up so I don't disturb him. Any ...

 I think my step-daughter is being told weird things, but I'm curious, is there some truth to them?
She has been told to sip vinegar periodically when she has a sore throat, and that she gets nosebleeds because she eats sweet stuff. Is there any truth to these?...

 knee injury - help what is it!?
at gymnastics the other night, i was doing an arial on the floor [on mats] - if you dont know what that is, its basically a roundoff without putting your hands down - anyway, i landed badly and ended ...

 Why is my jaw locking and clicking everytime I open my mouth?
And everytime I eat... It started 2 weeks ago and my dentist said 'it just happens' which I think is very rubbish advice. He said it'd go away in a while. It hurts for me to open my ...

 How come i can click my neck?
I know quite a lot of people click their fingers but i click my neck. Some people say that it gives you arthritis but i'm pretty sure that it doesn't because it is only nitrogen being ...

 How can I get spider veins on my lower arm?
I find it hot. :)
Additional Details
You know, the big veins on the lower arm that look like they're going to explode?.. Not the one that's health condition....

 Do iron supplements have a downside or side affect?
I was wondering if Iron supplements such as iron tablets (ferrous fumate) had a side affect. My friend takes one daily because last year she became iron deficient anemic. Her doctor has told her to ...

 sleep trouble???
I have recently having trouble falling asleep. Last night I went to bed at about 8:30 pm but was not able to sleep till 3 in the morning??? I wake up at 6...

 my eyebrow keeps twitching?
my right eyebrow has been twitching since yesterday. it stopped today, but then, at about 11:30, i thought about how my eyebrow had been twitching the previous day and it started again! i'm not ...

 OUCH! painful bone?
I'm constantly on my feet at work for long hours and over the last few months the bone in my foot has gradually starting coming out more and more. Well it's not visible (that would be so ...

 Alright, I asked this before...?
I asked this before but it was at night and I know that there's not really a 'late shift' on yahoo answers so here I go again:

I'm 19, female, and in pretty good health....

 Last night I had a bad taste in my mouth & started throwing up dark brown stuff, any idea why this could be?
it also happening two weeks ago this same time, at that time I had been upset the dat before, yesterday I wasn't,...

 Hungover and tired?
i really dont feel good this morning, i feel so hungover and tired but i cant sleep, this is no fun i have taken a resolve sachet and that just made me throw up!! any other ideas of what i can take ...

 How do I get my energy levels up?
I really hav'nt been myself lately, Iv'e been so tired! I think it's because of my work experience a few eeks ago, and im still worn out from it.
Whats worse is that i now have a ...

Can you wake someone up when they took a sleeping pill?

yea but they will be very tired... answer mine please http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AoR.Ip_XUX4vnzS2bvY4_mnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080611142450AA2NIS7

Throw water over them ?

Skylab B
yes put some smelly onions close to there nose.

Le Gasp♫
I'm pretty sure you can, but it can be a little tough depending on what sort and how many pills are taken.

Katie W
Yes, but only with boiling-hot urine!

yes this only helps them 2 get 2 sleep. this applies if the correct dosage has been taken normally 1-2 tabs

gary s
It will be a drug induced comatose.You would need to vomit them out before they dissolve.

yoo ucan shake them and get their eys to open and get their attention, but they wont remember it

Yes but they won't thank you for it (unless it's an emergency like a fire obviously). They took it 'cos they want to sleep.

Al vin
depends what pill
usually the legal ones...for sure you can wake them up
or else they would be illegal, people would use them in a bad way!
but yes you can wake them up, just splash a bit of ice water on em!

yup, it just might take a little longer than usual to wake them :-)

.Just Be. ♥
Well yeah its a sleeping pill its not going to kill you you're just in a deep sleep.

yes you should be able to wake them, but they wont be quite with it for a while. A good strong cup of coffee should do the trick of waking them up.

Jordan P

Obvisouly they're taking these pills to get some rest, now why would you want to wake them up!!!

just wait till they wake up.

yes, but they would be extremely groggy.

Yeah, but it takes longer than it usually does to wake someone up.

Starry Eyes ♥
Yes you can, but the person isnt going to be very happy. They'll be pretty darn tired.

jennifer L
Yes, it may be harder than normal though. Sleeping Pills make them sleep faster and getting a deeper REM. They don't knock people out cold.

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