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 my knee, when walking up stairs feels like its briefly dislocating when my weight is on it.?
some times i hear clicking even when just moving my leg. there is no true pain and i am not over weight .i take a reasonably healthy diet and take a fair amount of exercise.its very annoying

 What's the best way to clean out your ears without a q-tip?

 Whats it like working as a surgeon?
any surgeons out there could you describe a normal day perhaps? id VERY my appreciate it, im thinking of choosing a career as one :)...

 How long does it take to get information back from an autopsy?
My bro has passed away and the coroner is say 12-13 weeks til we get any info back this is BS rite?????...

 something is wrong with my eye need help immediatly?!?!?!?
my right eye has a small bump on the bottom of my eye on the lid part and it hurts so badd.
my friend said to put tea bags on it?
is there another method i can do???? whats wrong with my ...

 How can I fall asleep faster? Get better sleep?
It usually takes me about 30 mins or more to fall asleep, and about 20 mins if I'm incredibly tired. Thing is, I stopped taking coffee 2 months ago and the problem seemed better but I still ...

 last night at like 1am i took a whole bottle of tylenol extra strength, 2 nyquil pills and a benedryl...?
i threw up a lot and my pupils are still wierd and tiny. wtf is going on
at first i was trippen balls. then i threw up some brown stuff then i just kept throwing up and i still feel really wierd ...

 Do you have a long fingers?

 I have a few questions about TMJ, if you have info please help?
I went to the dentist yesterday and he said my jaw is popping excessively, its been doing this for years, I have had several really bad ear aches, have headaches alot, dizziness and nausea, every now ...

 13 year old boy wants to work in lawncare for summer. Is the fertilizer really safe?
13 year old boy wants to work for the summer mowing lawns and fertilizing grass. I have been told this is unsafe for a young person to be working around the fertilizer. Does anyone know if this is ...

 I have always got one nostril blocked.?
Some times it changes side as to which one is blocked. Its mostly my left one.

But its been like this since as long as i can remember (im 18).

Ive never had 2 clear ...

 i haven't had a good Bm in about 4 Days will a Enima work on a Impaction?
i can still use the bathroom but it is mostly just liquid now....

 What would, most likely, cause swelling from the lower leg to the ankle? It started about 4 years ago.?
From my mid-shin to my ankle is swollen/puffy almost all the time. When I press on it, it makes an indentation (it's as if the skin has no elasticity). It gets so swollen that I can no longer ...

 Do finger nails have any calories?
But think about it: you constantly see people shoving their fingers into their mouth. Haven't you ever thought its its got anything in it? Is it even bad for you?

I'm ...

 what does it mean when you are asleep and you feel yourself trying to wake up but cant?

Additional Details
I kept telling myself to wake up but I couldnt. When I finally woke up my heart was racing a bit....

 what about the new health care that?
Medical health care that may pass? tell me more!...

 How do I make my paper cut heal faster?
I'm being totally serious!!!

I have a paper cut in between my right index finger and my right middle finger and it hurts...a lot!!! I swim and I need it to heal by Friday!!! I tried ...

 Health risks of Flouride in tap water?
What health risks, mild or moderate are there associate with drinking flouridated tap water. I've heard it can slow down your metabolism and dry out your hair and skin....

Is anyone on it for the reason being Polycystic Ovaries?

I know its a diabetic drug, but I have heard alot of docs are prescribing its for PCOS.

What are your experiences with ...

 Why do I get so many ear infections?
My ears really bother me. I get infections so often and then they go, then return if I stop using the drops for a day. It drives me crazy. What can I do to stop myself being so prone to them? I don�...

Can you get in the tanning bed if you have metal plates?

yes. it is just light. there are no magnets or things like that. it's just like being hit with a high concentration of U.V. light. have fun getting cancer!

Lil T
they cause cancer

krissy t
HAHA thats a good question

Amanda C

you shouldn't get into tanning beds at all...exposure the tan bedding rays are harmful and may cause skin cancer...try using spray tans if you can.

Space Cat
Yes you can.

Of Course and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!!!!!

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