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Can you be freezing and sweaty at the same time?
The heat is blasting in here but I just ate a bunch of sugary candy (have no idea why I did this). My head feels funny and I am sweating a little but I'm really cold.
Additional Details
Guess this may be the same as waking up drenched in sweat but feeling cold even after changing to dry clothes. Weird.

Either you was really stressed out and broke out in a cold sweat, which happens, or you got an infection that is spreading to your kidneys. If you're feeling sick like when you get a cold but not coughing you better get to a hospital quick.

Heather L
Pretty common. If it continues, or you don't feel normal maybe go see your DR.

day shaun
it sound like you need to have your sugar checked do you have history of diabetes i cant spell it ] in your family have your self checked out

Craig H
I would really be careful with this. I used to have similar symptoms and it turned out the main artery in my heart was 99% clogged. After having two painful bouts of chest pain and nausea, it turned out to be two heart attacks. I had an angioplasty with two stents installed and along with medication, I feel much better. If you start feeling tingly, heavy chested, lightheaded or nauseous, call 911. Other symptoms you want to watch for are pain shooting down your left arm or tightness in your jaw, though I didn't experience either of those. This could just be a sugar rush, but pay close attention to your body. Don't get anxious, scared or upset by reading this. Relax, breathe slowly and try to stay calm.

could be clogged arteries, or sugar diabetes related, either or you should go to the Dr. and have your self checked out, and for the remark about calling the squad, what is wrong with you people? Those are for life threating illnesses, would you like to be in that situation and have to wait for them to check something like that?? Get to your Dr!!!

Sounds like a reaction to the sugar. Diabetes. I think you need your blood sugar checked. Do you know of anyone who could check it for you. I am serious.

If nothing else--call the squad and have them do a blood sugar test.

ever been snowboarding??

The candy just probably gave your metabolism a boost like if you were running and it raised your heart rate. That wont necesseraly warm you up so that would be why you were still freezing. Sugar can do a lot to your brain it is one of the substances that gets passed the blood brain barrier to enter your brain. Its like brain food but too much can give you a little buzz, a "sugar high" fun HUH. lol

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