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Toad Face
Can built up ear wax cause hearing loss? How do i clean out my ears?
My hearing seems to be getting worse- I think my ears are plugged with wax- ive always used q tips, but that may have just compacted the wax- Is there a test where I can determine if my hearing loss is beacuse of wax- and if so, is there a way to have a doctor cleamn my ears? How is it done? Does it hurt?
Additional Details
ME, I've read that ear candling is actually very dangerous..

a doctor will put hot acid in your ear. it's the most painful thing you'll ever experience.

sorry man the best thing i can come up with is q tips

You can do it yourself with this kind of special ear candle and when you light the top of it and stick in your ear and let it sit there for a little while, it completly cleans out your ear. You hear so much better after it. Try typing "ear candle" or something on google to see if you can buy it online. And it does not hurt at all! All you will hear is some crackling noises. But you may want to have someone hold it for you so that you don't burn yourself!

Your ears may be plugged, i know most people use qtips to clean the inside of there ears but your not suppose to, all it is doing is pushing the wax down. you might want to go see a doctor so he can check your ears he might have to scrap the wax out and yes it does hurt, my friend had to have it done because she was having the same issue you were having, her doctor told her to put a capful of peroxide in her ear let it sit there and tip her head back over so it comes out. but like i said go to your doctor if you have alot of wax build up he will scrap the inside of your ear and it will hurt but it's more uncomfortable then painfull.

You might want to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to see if your ears are impacted before trying to clean them. If they are, they can clean them there in the office and give you tips and suggestions about how to keep the wax from building up. You have to be very careful because you need wax to keep dust and other things from going all the way to the ear canal but too much can cause hearing loss.

You might have a built up wax in your kennel, the doctor would be able to flush it out for you. Or give you "liquid" to apply so it would soften it, and come off.

I had the same problem before when I was around 15. The doctor flush it out with water. So I have been flushing out on my own in the shower.

Make sure you dry it well

go to the doctor he/she will syringe your ears. It doesnt hurt and you will hear better after.

clean tem wit ear buds and no it doent hurt!!

The doctor will syringe your ear sounds scary but its actually only water.

Or get strong drops from the chemist

Doctor can, or you can buy eardrops that are for that. Look in the drug store, and follow the directions on the bottle.

Built-up wax can definitely impede hearing because it prevents sound waves from reaching your inner ear. There are simple and pain-free tests your doctor or an audiology specialist can do to check that the problem is wax and not a physiological problem. Clean out the wax first and see if your hearing improves. You can get a product called 'Audiclean' from your pharmacy - it has a nozzle that shoots in a liquid to wash it out. If your hearing doesnt improve, see a doctor - hope that helps! :)

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