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I quit smoking 3 months ago cold turkey , after 30yrs smoking
i went to a very strong withdrawals , but I still feeling tired , some tension and sometimes anxious, doctor said will take ...

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 Every morning when I wake up my eyes are RED! Whats wrong with them?
I dont like using products like Visene. Just so you know.
Additional Details
I dont wear ...

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which one you prefeR?...

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 How to get rid of migraines?
What causes a migraine? And what do you take
to make it go away? I've been getting migraines
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Liquid gels and they don't ...

 Why is America obsessed anti-oxidents? ?
Orange Juice,
Green Tea...
These items are sold all over the place. How do antioxidents prevent radicals from harming the body? And what is a radical?Please give me ...

Can I catch a cold by taking a shower and then going out into cold weather?
Is there any truth to this or is it just an old wives tale?Also if it is true what is the reason behind it.Thanks
Additional Details
i always thought that colds were caused by viruses so what does being cold have to do with cold symptoms?

Of course, especially if your hair is wet and that can lead to pneumonia.

It could Be true.

Mrs Zacky Vengeance ♥
Hell yes

Larry E
Colds are caused by a virus. It has nothing to do with being out in the cold.

it's been said that, when your body temperature fluctuates drastically (hot shower to cold weather) your immune system weakens and you become more susceptible to the germs and viruses in the air. so the likelihood of catching a cold increases.

There is no evidence that you can get a cold from exposure to cold weather or from getting chilled or overheated.

Other factors

Answer 1: There is also no evidence that your chances of getting a cold are related to factors such as exercise, diet, or enlarged tonsils or adenoids. On the other hand, research suggests that psychological stress and allergic diseases affecting your nose or throat may have an impact on your chances of getting infected by cold viruses.

Answer 2: Going outside with wet hair won't make you catch cold, nor will wet feet, wet clothing or drafts. You'll certainly feel chilled faster if you go out with wet hair, but you won't be more susceptible to rhino-viruses, which are the real cause of colds. Colds are spread through mucus or spit getting into another persons mouth, nose and eyes. In cold weather, you'll be more comfortable, obviously, if you stay dry and out of icy drafts, but you can still only catch a cold if you are exposed to a virus to which you are not immune.

Answer 3: While colds and the flu commonly appear during winter months, the truth is that they are not the result of being out in the cold. According to the American Lung Association®, these infections prevail because it's the time of year when viruses usually spread across the country. Viruses and infections spread when many people stay indoors and are in closer contact with each other—including each other's germs. To best avoid catching a cold or flu, limit your time spent with sniffling friends and wash your hands frequently, especially before you eat and after you use the restroom. And since being out in the cold may give you a chill, but not a cold, remember to bundle up before enjoying the great outdoors!

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