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 What would cause high blood pressure during and after surgery? General anesthesia.?
General anesthesia.
Doctors gave up on getting blood pressure down in recovery.
Pressure= 240/190. Amazingly, while taken afterwards in room....

 Feeling faint all the time...?
Im not sure whats wrong with me. Everytime i stand up after sitting/standing for any period time, i feel as if i will faint.
Often (when i stand up) my vision is blurred temporarily. I have ...

 I have an ear infection, should I go to work?
I went to the hosptial on Sat night & was told I have a sever outer ear infection in the right side showing signs of starting in the left. They gave me 3 motrin and one morphine pill to remove ...

 Dent in my muscle?
hi i've been working out lately and i've noticed that i got a dent on my muscle on my left arm..its right below ball ? is there something wrong ? i told a friend and he said i should stop ...

 To all the doctors out there I urgently need your help!?
Hi everyone I don't know if anyone has herd of this before but just lately I keep getting this really sore feeling in my stomach like when you fall over and graze your knee. And like mild period ...

 well..i am 20 years old male..i was not having proper sleep from past 10-12 days..so i went to doc and then?
i am studying in college, away from my home living outside my home as my college is 400 miles from my home..
so as i said i was having sleeping probs so i went to doc, and then he checked my B...

 I started working early, used to get up at 9 now get up at 6 - I noticed my eyes look more tired now?
what can I do so I don't look so tired? this is about my second week on this schedule, but under my eyes, they are a little puffy and I just look more tired than on my old ...

 Is it a haemorroid? Forgive spelling if incorrect?
Very embarrassing BUT...ugh can't even say it...whenever I go to the bathroom and do some business and wipe there is blood. Is this from **shudder** wiping too hard or is it a haemorroid?

 How do I srtengthen my pee muscle?
I can go for hours without needing a pee, then, when I have a wee drink of lager, I am in the bog every five minutes. It's becoming really annoying. Sometimes I worry in case I don't get ...

 Where in my mouth do you put the thermometer?
I have a little battery powered thermometer from BD Consumer Healthcare....

 My knee joints make a popping sound when I sit & rise, Need to be worried & see the Doc?
23 years old Male
weight: 66 kg
Height: 180 cm
Middle E...

 muscle twitching.?
has anyone ever had muscle twitching? i get it in different areas of my body. i think the correct term is fasciculations. its ...

 I'm having colonoscopy tomorrow but no one has told me to take any laxatives?
I'm just a bit worried cos usually they tell you to take some laxatives the day before. (i'm having it done in the NHS hospital)
Additional Details
I phoned the doctor and he ...

 Give me reason for prearranged funeral please...:-)?
My mother and I have decided to have a talk with my dad this weekend about making final arrangements for their funeral, something that we feel is very important to do. However, my dad is really ...

 Why does people say that taking showers right after you exercised will make veins show up permanently?
my dad always told me to never take a shower right after exercising because it will make the veins on the back of my and show up and not go away if i do it a lot? I have a friend who's veins on ...

 Whats The Worse Thing you ever Swallowed?
I was jogging recently and a fly flew into my mouth....yes I swallowed it....

 I need help - shakes...?
I shake every so often (sounds stupid) But other people can't see it and it's not obvious like actually shaking i can just feel it in my arm almost ike vibrating :/

thanks in ...

 are there any remedies for constantly ringing ears?

 How do you get rid of nerves?
Perhaps its lack of confidence. But I get quite nervous at work if I have to meet important bosses. I just want everything to go well.

But the only problem is that sometimes my nerves ...

 what is the fundamental difference between Tylox and Percocet? they are both oxycodone.?
i cannot take hydrocodone, but i can take Tylox. i have never taken percocet but my doctor switched me. will i be ok to take it?...

Can't go to the bathroom, constipated? please answer, this is serious. :[?
Ok so a couple days ago i wanted to take a sh*t but nothing really came out, then inside my *** seemed like there was an "infection" in it, like my a$$ hole was swelled up or something. Is this normal if your constipated? and also today i could go but it was hard and it my stomach was like hurting all day
please help!!
i dont know what to do?

Jeanni H
It was suggested to me to try blackstrap molasses for low iron, but boy did it make me go...I looked it up on the internet and it seems to be helpful for quite a few other medical issues...

The swelling and such is perfectly normal if you are constipated. It can also lead to hemerhoids. Stool softeners are great (dulcalax). Lots of water. Exercise like walking. High fiber foods (fruits, breads, etc). You can also get fiber powders that mix into any liquid. I also eat the Yo+ Digestive yogurt, one a day works like a charm. I am pregnant (for the third time) and constipation is very common.

Reconsider your diet. Drink plenty of water. Eat vegetable and fruit. Many people eat lots of fiber but do not drink enough water. keep in mind, too much fiber (with liquid/water) can also constipate you badly. Do exercise and walk daily. Meanwhile take stool softner pills over the counter. If still does not work, see your doctor.

get a stool softener, like exlax. make sure you're drinking enough water as well, as that could be the cause behind it.

Glycerin capsules.
You may need an R/X.

constipation happens because you do not drink enough water. Go to the drug store and get some stool softeners, then drink two liters of water everyday to soften up your stool, you will be able to go easily then.

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