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 Is an hemangioma the same thing as an aneurysm?
Had an MRI of the spine and it shows a hemangioma at the T8 vertebral....

 What is a good cure for percussion?

 my mum just had a brain tumor remover, when it was tested they said it was genetic, what does this mean?

 I feel dizzy after my date last night. Have I been drugged? ?
I'm not so worried about getting date raped because I've been on very heavy sleep medication for a long time. My tolerance is so high that the only time that I tried taking Extacy I took ...

 At What Point Is Smoking Hookah as Bad as Smoking Cigarettes?
Does anyone know?...

 My 6 year Old son has blood clots behind his eyes. What does this mean? HELP!!?
The eye dr. would like pictures taken behind the eyes every few months. My family dr thinks this may be cause by going on oxygen when born early at 3lbs. I am very scared. This is my only child and I ...

 for the incontinent what is it like?
I always wondered what its like to be incontinent, do you feel when you have to go to the bathroom or do you not feel anything? I am curious....

 How to get rid of a cold ?
I've got a really sore throat and my nose is streaming (sorry) i also keep sneezing ..i have a drama assessment on monday (tis friday evening) how do i get rid of it or reduce symptoms (apart ...

 EPILEPTICS- Is it possible to know if you're going to have a seizure?
Before you all get bent out of shape, I know that if seizures were detectable they wouldn't be so popular. What I mean to ask is (for you all who may have epilepsy or perhaps a side-effect of ...

 Should I get tested for Multiple Sclerosis?
I read that it's usually after 20, but I'm almost 17. Im not sure if I'm too young to get it or not, but here are my symptoms:

-Random blurred vision
-Muscle spasms in ...

 If a child is tested for kidney match for his father, would it show if he was not his biological son?

 Do you think I have Lupus (SLE)?
Ok.. I have have a butterfly rash (inflamed skin on nose and cheeks, with some broken capillaries on the nose) for 4 years.


 Kidney stones and severe arm pain. Parathyroid issue?
I've been having the arm pain for a couple of years now. It's always in the forearm and/or hand. It comes once every 2-3 months and can last from a few hours up to 3 days. It feels like my ...

 Is syringomyelia hereditary?
My sister has it too and now I have it so I was just wondering about it....

 I had a strange phantom pain..?
I was laying down and I had my arm underneath the pillow.Then it felt like someone was laying on my arm and the pillow slowly felt more and more heavy on my arm.I opened my eyes and nothing was there....

 Is there any DOCTOR out there please help!!!?
I get bruises so easily and I don't know why. Is there an answer to my question. Please help, Thanks!...

 what is kilb (disease)?

 How to find volunteers to floor time play with my son having ASD (Autism)?
My son have Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. We live in Toronto and we want to find volunteer for floortime play. I know that (at least in US) it's possible to find volunteers to ...

 What happens to a person suffering starvation when they are suddenly given food?
I'm writing a crime drama and my killer is starving his victim to death -- oh the crazy notions of a writer's mind...

I recall from a 'way back when' history class that ...

 Hypothyroidism: Have you ever had trouble getting it under control? Did you find a solution that worked?

Additional Details
I'm sorry. I should have explained my situation.

I took a medication for 11 years that suppressed my thyroid. I have been off this med for two years ...

why do my arms,hands,legs and back go numb all the time?
this has been going on for at least 2 years but lately its gotten real bad.it doesnt matter what i am doing they will go numb.my back has a burning feeling all the time and sometimes i fall when walking.feels like my knees just give out.does anybody know what this may be.

it sounds as if you are having poor circulation problems. This may also be a nervous system condition, I would consult with a physician asap since the problem is a serious one.

I have similar problems with my arms and legs going numb. I have been diagnosed with a chiari malformation of my cerabellum. This tends to compress everything in the back of your head and leads to a lot of motor function issues because it involves the spinal cord as well.

I'm definitely not saying you have this. I also have headaches in the back of my head, tremors in my arms and really bad balance. Numbness could be a simple pinched nerve issue in your upper spinal cord that would involve your arms, hands, legs and back.

You really need to go to a doctor and get some tests run, particularly an MRI. I know with chiari, if you don't monitor it carefully you can end up paralyzed and if you let it get that bad there is no way to reverse it. This sounds serious and you need some serious medical attention.

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