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why cant i have a bowel movement without laxatives? I dont have $$ to ask a doctor. HELP?
it started at xmass i was takin em on the weekends, then after xmass i noticed i wasnt having bowel movements. i was onl y going like once every 5 days, and was having incredible side pain. now i wait about 4 days and 90% of the time if i dont have a bowel i just take a laxative. what has happend to me. im 22 years old. regular exercise. but quit smokin around xmass time is that it?

Not sure why, maybe the smoking. Go see a chiropractor, trust me, he or she will be able to help you.

Cigarettes are actually beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome, which includes bouts of constipation. Even Dr. House mentioned it in one episode.

Princess Cherbs
Your body is becoming dependant on the laxatives. You need to quit taking them, slowly, and MAJORLY increase your fiber intake. Also try and take some flax seed as well.
Your diet is more than likely the problem, so change that, and take yourself off the laxatives. It should work itself out.

If you have abused laxative you might have grown dependent on them.

You should try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and whole grain cerals etc. Fiber will add bulk to your stools and help you have to go.

Also drink water that will keep your stools soft and your system clean.

Exercise is great, but what about your diet? You need to make sure you're drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegetables, and increase your fiber intake.

Rupert Roo
Most likely you don't have enough fiber in your diet (most common cause). You can try making sure you get at least 4 pieces of whole wheat bread a day plus a few servings of fruits or veggies. Or you can just buy OTC Fibercon or Metamucil. Often for new patients that present with this they get psyillium (spelled wrong, I bet) which is basically fiber. And yes, quitting smoking can cause this as the nicotine acts a promotility agent and your body has likely built up a dependency on the nicotine for normal BMs.
Edit:Yeah, the other 2 posters are right; you're also dependent on the laxatives now and you should wean yourself off of these. Diet is going to be the key factor here.

eat more whole grains and fiber and drink plenty of water. diet is the biggest contributer to bowel problems. you can become dependent on laxatives but if you must take something use an all natural fiber based product like metamucel.

There are probably a few things contributing to your constipation.
1. Nicotine has receptors in the intestines & it stimulates them to move things through faster and contract more often. Your gi tract can become used to this and when you stopped smoking your intestines no longer received that hyperstimulation. So your bowels have to get used to moving things along on their own, it takes time.
2. Dehydration is the number 1 cause of constipation so drink plenty of water every day.
3. You may think you are taking in a lot of fiber but it may not be enough. A woman your age needs at least 25 grams of fiber a day. That's any where from 8-10 servings of fruit/veggies a day. Metamucil capsules are a good way to know how much fiber you are getting.
4. If you were taking laxatives everyday your bowels could have basically the same problem they did when you were smoking. It's not that you become addicted to laxatives, it's that your intestines don't have to do the work & they get lazy, for lack of a better word. It's not that they need laxatives to function it's that they get used to the laxative doing everything for them. This should also resolve with time.

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