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 I found a tick stuck on my head..............?
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My question is should I take the tick to the doctor and have it send to the laboratory ...

 how can i get myself to vomit?

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 im always cold, why is that??
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 What is the best way to get rid of cold?
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A few things:
-don't just name medications
-I wont use a steam inhaler-type object


 i didnt eat anything today?
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 Pleas help me becuase i fell as if i am dying and i am only 16?
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and the past month sleeping 12-13 hours a day
what will the doctor check for
i also have extreme headaches, abdominal pains, no energy, and my ...

 What is Down's syndrome? ?
hi there.
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 How can i make myself throw up?....?
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 Is it possible to die from eating too much soy sauce?
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 i have a lisp its where i cant pronounce my S's properly how do i get rid of it?
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hello world!!
what does meth do to you?
i dont much about drugs and i think my younger sister does meth,
i want to talk to her about how harmful it is but idk much about the subject, so if u can help me and tell me about the drug that would be greatly appreciated and if u knew some one that did it can u please tell me how it messed up their life so i can tell my sister please

Meth is VERY addicting, and it's so obvious if someone is hooked. If they do it for too long, their teeth start to decay. They can also lose weight, give you tons of energy, which means you lose sleep. Follow link below, there is tons to read on that site.


('(..)') < its a pigg
It pretty much ruins your life.
It will take over your life.
You won't care about anything anymore and you will die.

wow, its really REALLY REALLY bad for you, umm you just gotta look it up on the internet and you will get a ton of results and some pics, its just absolutely bad

she should be getting dumber but also getting a nice body. it makes you not want to eat and sometimes they do weird **** like try to scratch the freckles out of there skin.

~!llegal Logger~
All kinds of self destructive SIN! Google meth stories!

its a really bad drug it will mess up your life for real jest tell her ifshe wants to mess up her life forever then theirs noting u can do but try to stop her before its to late trust me my cuz did it and hes messed up forever

its kills you you are pretty much breathing in man made poisonous chemicals like drain cleaner

It eventually will kill you, your teeth fall out, you get so paranoid that you feel like you're itching all the time and that leads to scabbing because you begin to pick at your skin, it's brutal.

Try and convince her to not do it! There's so many reasons not to.

Meth burns holes in your brain-seriously. People on meth tend do develop psychological disorders including schizophrenia. They are capable of doing a lot of harm to themselves and others. If you think your sister is on meth, you need to get her professional help as soon as possible.

Look for these signs

Rapid Speech
Scratch Marks
Weight loss

As far as stories, I have no personal experience with the drug. I live in Hawaii, last year a man (on meth) threw a toddler off a bridge onto a highway. About four years ago a high school student stabbed his parents and grandmother in the hearts with stakes and then burned their house down. He was on meth and thought they were vampires.

Meth is a serious drug, if you think she is on it, please get her help

It literally puts holes in your brain. If you shoot it it will start dissolving your bones. Prolonged use with make your brain stop producing serotonin which in turn will cause you to become depressed. You will lose your friends and family...All of your teeth will fall out..you will go to jail eventually...you will lose your kids...now the best way to deal with a family member that is addicted..and I know this will sound harsh but I know by experience...tough love...you can't force anyone to do anything...just tell them that you love them and set boundaries...remind of what they can lose and let them make the decision.

im not sure about the medical effects. but the way to get into a younger sister's head is talk about the social effects. nobody hangs out with a methhead, etc...

Texas Made
eats away @ your brain cells rotts your teeth makes you pick at your skin till you make sores all kinda crap

METH will kill you from inside out. how to know your sister is doing it? watch her actions.. if she starts acting jumpy, snaps for little or no reason, gets mad easily at little things, can't sit still, always wanting to do stuff, stuck on something like plucking eyebrow, or just anything she could be doing it for hours and not notice it.
You'll notice she'll start lying about little things a lot things that doesn't even matter. You'll notice she wont sleep or fake sleep... The most noticeable thing is her weight! she will lose so much weight it wont look healthy.. she might lose her sense of humor.. it does kill your brain cell... Oh, goodness! there are so much other things... please do everything in your power to stop her (if she is doing meth) and you know..

Maybe you can just start a conversation with her about drug use, not necessarily meth.. just drugs and alcohol in general and you can go from there.. I really hope this helps.. I wish that your sister doesn't do drugs cause thats the worst feeling ever! I will stay positive and say she's probably not doing drugs maybe she's just going through something...

beautiful soul
Have her go to facesofmeth.com that will change her mind real quick

Well, basically it's an upper... but you want the negatives i suppose?
-constant meth users can become extremely paranoid, think others are watching, even hallucinate (the classic example always used is meth users hallucinating they have a bug crawling under their skin and trying to cut it out, in the process killing/harming themselves, or jumping off buildings, etc)
-meth use has been linked to psychotic breaks as well. schizophrenia... anyone?
-meth uses causes really bad cystic acne in some
-meth is extremely addictive and meth users are as bad as crack/cocaine users in the sense that it kills brain cells in the frontal lobe causing the user to lose their "personality" and take on the personality of a user
-meth addicts have a hard time holding jobs, often end up on welfare, the streets, etc
-meth addicts will still and harm others for a fix

my roomie was a meth addict... she snapped one day, and boarded up all the windows with her clothing and sat on the lawn in 35 degree celsius wearing 5 pants 3 shirts and 3 sweaters. she held a can opener in her hand and screamed at any car/person going by. she said they were all monochromatic and that she knew who they were. she also thought my dog was an alien and i lied about it. the cops took her away. she spend 6 months at a psyche facility. she's been in and out of their and on and off the streets ever since.
my suggestion to you would be to find a narcotics anomynous meeting near you (your local hospital or mental health association will be able to tell you when and where). sometimes theres groups for friends of addicts like al anon which is for alcoholics. or speak to someone at your local mental health/addiction services about meth addictions and get tips on how to approach the subject.
you're going to want to do an "intervention" where you get as many people together as you can and surprise her and tell her she ahs a problem, that you love her and this is her chance to take your help.
please know that you can not help any addict if they dont want to be helped. you can ship someone off to rehab against their will and think they will not relapse the second they get out.
also try to think of some underlying issues of the drug use. drug users often have something that drove them to it.
meth is a really really really awful drug. i've done a LOT of drugs in my life including cocaine, meth, lsd, etc, and meth is the scariest in my view. you dont want your sister on it, but just telling her "oh look these people on yahoo answers said this about the drug" is just going to make her defensive and aggressive and she's going to shut you out. never speak to a drug addict in a lecturing manner either. always use words like "i feel" "you can" not "you should" or "i think". hope this helps and good like.
and again, your local mental health association will have lots of tools and support groups. going to an NA meeting will give you lots of insight into addiction and the addicts there will probably be willing to give you some hints and great recovery stories

Junior P
tell her not to do any drugs .......tell her to smoke marijuana not drugs lol...theres nothing harmful proven by marijuana

**** you over, don't do it.

I dont know
Well it is popular in the Pacific Northwest and Texas and causes damage to the mouth and face including acne. It can be smoked, snorted, and injected, the various physical effects of methamphetamine include, increased energy, change in libido, increased sweating, decrease in appetite, insomnia, dilated pupils, tightened jaw muscles, teeth grinding, itching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, involuntary body movements (twitches, grimacing, lip smacking, etc), increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, vasoconstriction, dry mouth, and a difficulty in urination. Serious physical effects include, possibly fatal lung and kidney disorders, possible brain damage, lowered resistance to illnesses, liver damage, heart attack, and stroke. If you watch "COPS" you will often see meth addicts and what they go through to support their habit and also because of it.

meth is disgusting. its a slow way for a sure fire death. it slowly kills you, messes up your teeth, your skin.

Doctor Click
It rots your teeth and everything else. I just seen this in the Dentist office yesterday. Also the live span for someone that does Meth everyday is 7 years. It was on Tv. If that don't scare her, nothing will.

Lisa T
Meth makes you lose weight. It lowers your immune system. It rots your teeth, even after you quit doing it. It kills your brain cells. It causes you to do things that you would never think of doing before.... some of those things include stealing stuff so that you can sell it for more drug money & stealing money from family. It is extremely hard to quit. You'll know she's doing it if she acts really hyper and jittery, if she's lost weight, if she's got sores on her face from picking at it, if she's always out of money, if she's staying up late or lying about stupid stuff. It's sad but you can't make her quit if she's doing it. She won't truly quit unless she is ready and wants to. Click the link and watch it. Google others. I left the love of my life after 3 years when I found out he was using. I didn't allow him to be near our daughter. He lost us completely and it broke him. A few months after I left he quit using and a year after I left we got back together and he voluntarily went through rehab. He's been clean for 2 years, sober for 6 months... but he lost everything at one point and can never make up for what he did when he was using. He has had about $5000 in dental bills and now has a bad stomach problem and gets colds and the flu more often and worse than other people even though it's been so long since he used. I'm sorry for you... I know what it is like to love someone that is using.


This link will tell you literally everything you could want to know about methamphetamines, and any other chemical substances. It's not a friendly drug, for sure. But it isn't as bad as your high-school teacher will try to tell you. It can be used responsibly, but it most often isn't. Plus, most meth these days is made by unprofessional chemists and the quality of the product is rarely consistent.

All of these answers above mine are the classic, false, alarming myths spread by schoolteachers and law enforcement to scare people, instead of just telling them the truth.

You loose your mind for a few days. Everything is speeded up. You become violent and angry. It does major damage to your body and mind. Not a good thing to do at all. I know, I've seen a few people on it. Stay away form meth and people on it.

GIves you nasty sores all over your body and makes your teeth fall out. It's really horrible.

it makes you look like a sleepy michael jackson with horrible teeth

i will litterally eat your brain for two years and it messes with your life

britt c
all i know is apperently it makes you feel like your having a ton of orgasims .. not that that helps much and it makes you loose teeth,weight and brain cells, sometimes you can tell if she has track marks on her neck and/or arms, if you can find the webstie that the show Intervention is on then you could prob. watch one about a meth addict

I Will Kill Your Cereal!!!
one of the most dangerous drugs. it kills brain cells like no tomorrow

I'm So Cool
it jacks you up!!!!!!!!

Ha haha this is funn bc in womans health some one. Was wondering if their sister was on drugs like meth woah wierrd
Anyways its messes up your life just google meth and ull see it messes with ur life makeu teeth nasty and if u snort it your nose can collapse and if u smoke it and it can crystalize in ur lungs its not worth it
U feel like garbage and its expensive not worth spendin money on it and u get paranoid it highly addicted u get a rush that u love and always want so u keep doin even though u may say ur not addicted u are bc u keep doin it

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