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 Everywhere i go i smell lavender. Is that bad?
its definetely not me becuase it comes and goes and its proper making me feel sick
its not my clothes or shampoo or any of my friends cos id be walking and itd come on and its usually jsut down ...

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is it right or wrong to sell your kidney?
give your opinion about people selling or buying their kidney....

 Alzheimer's disease?
My neighbour's wife passed away today. She suffered from Alzheimer's for about 2 years.I don't mean to seem ignorant, I knew it was incurable, but I didn't realise that one could ...

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he is 3 years ...

 Of all those who refuse to take blood transfusions, only 13% are JWs. Why do you think the others refuse?
There are now 15 hospitals in the U.S. that are considered bloodless, in that they no longer administer blood transfusions. UCLA has developed transplant procedures that no longer require blood, ...

 Do I Have Tourettes Syndrome?
I sometimes randomly click my fingers, click my tongue, and make high pitched whistles, and it feels like i have to let them out! It's sounds weird, i know. I'm 14...if i had tourettes, ...

 My friends don't believe me...?
That i have ADHD,
although i'm not hyperactive,
i cannot sit still, i have to figit,
i basically never do homework, becuase i simply cannot concentrate.
i get angry when i ...

 what is an MRI?????????????
look i just came back from the hospital and they told me i need to do a MRI but i have no idea what it is so can someone plz tell me? what its like how they do it what they do and if i need to be ...

 Gastrointestinal condtion? Indigestion? What is it?
When I had my first daughter; a few weeks after delivery i developed this unbearable pain under my chest surrounding my back . I couldn't explain it all I knew is this pain felt like i was ...


 Please Read - Im 99% sure I have Hypothyroidism?
I have a friend, and Aunt has it
I went over all the symptoms they had
They agreed I more than likely have hypothyroidism
My dad refuses to take me to the doctors to get a test, and I...

 My Husband is constantly hungry. Is there a disorder where the brain does not tell the stomach that it is full

 cant think of the name of this.. .?
what is the name of the shavers... im not talking about the electrical razors, im talking about the ones girls use to shave their legs or guys use to shave the beard/mustache. For example Gillette, ...

 My migraine always attack either before or after my menstrual. Each attacks will cause me vomiting?
and sometimes with shivering hands, unable to sleep and concentrate. Have been taking "cafergot", (hope the spelling is correct) at least for the past 15 years. Will there be any side ...

 My grandfather has a tumor...?
He has been very weak for a long time, and all of a sudden he cant walk or feel his legs. He can't go to the hospital because they said that there is nothing wrong with him. What is going on?

 How do you recover from the flu?

 How can increase blood flow to the brain?

melissa h
what does it mean when u have bright red blood coming out your rectum when you have a bowel movement?

means you have torn something

It means you need to see a doctor asap.

It means you probably have a hemmorhoid. Don't strain when you need to move your bowels. Eat a diet high in fiber.

bloody hell u have bloody diarreha

just happened to me. see a doctor, if you tore something and it heals badly and get infected it can make a hole above you anus, its called fistul or fishure and surgery will correct it

It means you need to see a doctor....

It could just be a hemroid (very common), or if your stool is too hard it can cause it to bleed because of pushing too hard. Eat a little more fiber and you'll be okay.

kelly l
It could be a hemorhoid, but I wouldn't take any chances, I would see a gastronologist asap.

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