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 anything for severe sinus pressure and headache? ever day.?

 A Diagnosis for my dad??????
My dad is in chronic pain because he was originally diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. This was maybe two to three years ago. But he's getting worse even after he underwent surgery to ...

 I am having stomach problems?
Was wondering if anyone knew what could be going on with my gut. For the past couple weeks, I feel like I have had gastric bypass surgery. It seems no matter how little I eat, I feel like I'm ...

 is this good or bad i am having extreme dizziness and my legs and arms are going numb?
and my heart rate is beating abnormally what dose this mean
Additional Details
it hurts to breathe ...

 um i just ate 10 paracetamol?
what happens now . i fonud aother one, iuts loinleyy can i havge that one too?
Additional Details
i dont have the ...

 Where can I find articles on the common diseases prevalent today and prevention tips?
If I find such a site, is it OK to put the link on my site?
Are there any writers who write such stuff?...

 food poisoning for 5 days now!?
Its been 5 days! I am still feeling nauseous...while on a trip, I ate a shawrama chicken wrap on friday nite, I immediately had a big stomach ache and went to the bathroom... feeling slightly ...

 im 13 years old and i smoke?
My friend offered me one a month ago and now im hooked.

I smoke about 7-9 a week and im trying to cut down buts its sooo hard....

 Those who have Asperger's. What medications / doses do you take (if any)?
Also, do you go to a psychologist regularly? I take low doses of anti-anxiety and seroquel to help curb night terrors. I see a psychologist once per week, but will need to cut down for financial ...

 Mystery Illness, HELP?!?
-Severe leg cramping.
-Shooting, not aching, pains through my joints.
-Loss of feeling in legs for no apparent reason, but happens more often when I'm sitting or laying down.

 does anyone know the symptoms for urine infection?
i think i may have this, whats the symptoms?...

 Anyone have short term cures and tips for dizziness caused by Anaemia?
I've been diagnosed with Anaemia - I'm talking iron tablets, making sure I get enough sleep and staying hydrated. However, I'm my iron levels were pretty low and it'll take some ...

 need help to pay for tests to prove MMR caused autism?
Hi, I have spent all my money on getting my son tested to see what caused his autism. I have taken this to a solicitor who will take on the case if I can prove I have the same condition (...

 Relative with Alzheimer's Disease angry a lot lately?
About 2 weeks ago, it became noticeable that a relative of mine with Alzheimer's is becoming very angry a lot lately. I believe he was diagnosed with the disease about 10 years ago. He has ...

 Epilepsy tablets........?
Ok, so i picked up a new box of my epilepsy tablets and i feel really weird, i took one 6 hours ago now do you think theres something wrong with it? There in date and the correct medication and i ...

 Is this neurological or what? I'm kinda worried.?
Sometimes I can't read my own handwriting.

If there's an open doorway by a wall, I'll walk into the latter.

I can't drive because of my poor depth perception....

 Possible to be bulimic without knowing it?
(I am a very thin person and know it)

For the past couple months, i have been having digestive problems. At least once a day, i'll get a sharp pain that makes me know i have to go to ...

 Why does cheese come out of my left ear?
Everytime I sneeze, cheesy looking crap shoots out of my ear. It is very tasty though. WHAT THE F**K IS IT?...

 Any cure for acid reflux?

 20 yrs female ,migraine ,on attack vomiting & unconscious any line of treatment welcome?

what does a blood clot in your arm feel like?
yd i had this really bad pain in my arm and then it continues to b sore throughout the day ?

Sudden and isolated pain in an leg or arm; sometimes followed by skin discoloration, tingling, numbness, or a feeling of 'cold' just below the site of pain - may suggests a large blood clot circulation may be blocked and if left untreated, gangrene (tissue death) could result.

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